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kemonotachi no yoru

>.<;; Forgive me this day

The weather here's been very up and down for some reason, although the skies aren't. I've been cycling through zombie, awake, mild headache, zombie, ache, zombie, awake... It isn't all that unusual to have ups and downs on an unsettled day here, but the frequency of cycling today is a bit unusual. (Right now, I'm in an awake headache/ache awake phase).

So today, I managed to get out the stationery shop and look at pens. I now have a new pen I want to buy--the Visconti Gulliver (discontinued and replaced with the Van Gogh mini, but they only had the one colour--green). It's a cute little pen. The other one that I'm curious about by the same company is a clear fountain pen that was very similar to the Van Gogh. The good thing about actually going to the shop was that I could see, hold, and dip the pens. The bad, they also had the Mozart...

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But first thing's first. Edits. >.<;