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ginny_t, this is all your fault! I hope you're feeling proud of yourself! >.<;; Grrr! Four episodes down, five more to pull and watch. *sigh*

And for J-drama lovers out there who happen to either be able to understand Japanese or can work with French subs, I'm talking about 神はサイコロを振らない (Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai / God Doesn't Play Dice). It's an older drama from a couple of years ago, and I have no idea how that girl found this. *sigh*

So far, I'm four eps in with five left to go. The acting in ep 1 had me seriously cringing in places, but... the story itself has been keeping me watching so far. There's a good mix of minor intrigue, silliness, romance, and people story that's been keeping my interest. I'll admit, I haven't been paying close attention to the French subs, but I did catch a few errors and oddities when I did pay attention to them. (I really can't comment hugely on the subs because French is the weakest of the languages I understand and I really haven't been paying them much attention. ^^; )

Hmm... if I set the 'puter to pull O/N, would that mean everything will be ready and waiting for me when I get up tomorrow...? Or would that be exceptionally bad? Hrmm... ^^;
kemonotachi no yoru

Back to square one...

Long story short: my reseller for the Compal made an untrue statement to me today in email regarding the system's pricing. I discovered it was false, took exception, and cancelled. Say "no" if you want, but don't lie to me. I'll deal with the headache of hunting down a new primary system and/or reseller this weekend. In the meantime, Mokkun is now on order and will hopefully arrive sometime next week. (Apparently payment is to be done over the phone, so I have to call that in tomorrow. *blink* ) The new desktop however, will arrive this weekend. ^_^

I'm still debating getting the IFL90 as it's just about ideal for my needs, but with all the delays in orders, it's going to take time to get hold of the system. If I do go for that system again, I might wait for it to show up domestically rather than go across the border again. :/

Mokkun is a reasonably powerful system for it's class (13.3" system) but runs Vista, so I'm not sure if that might create issues for me. Shall see. I'll also have to remember to pick up a 2GB chip for him so that he can think rather than have Vista eat all his system resources. >.<

Otherwise... am I bad for liking ep 2 of Hotaru no Hikari? What I thought was a scene where she'd thrown her back out was actually her dragging herself along the floor because she could no longer stand after being greatly shocked. Next ep. has the turtle woman IIRC. ^^;; Looks like they're going to make a play on ~-onna every ep. :P

I have a headache (actually eyestrain, don't know if it's this computer or the weather...), so enough for tonight. :/
kemonotachi no yoru

Not much on not much

So, I finally took the time to sit down with a number of shows and dramas over the weekend and watched them. ^^; Watched so far include the following:

- Code-E eps 1 & 2
- HanaKimi J Drama 1, 2
- Tantei Gakuen Q 1, 2
- Hotaru no Hikari 1
- Zombie Loan 2
- Mushiuta 2
- Zero no Tsukaima 1
- Mononoke 1

Still to watch would be Nanatsuiro Drops 1.

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I'm currently debating if I want to wait until the end of August for the Asus Eee (which I *still* really want to get as it's such a cute toy), or if I should cave in and get the 13.3 Asus W7S. If only my system would ship I wouldn't be looking at all these other computers... *sigh* I'm hoping to hear something about units arriving at the end of this week and building next week onwards but... *shrug*. I pity the folks who ordered it with the tv-tuner--back-ordered with no word on delivery yet. :/

As it is, I find it strange that I'm seeing this 12.1" screen as being rather *large* now. I was struck by the size difference between this 12.1 system and my 15.4 when I decided to clean out the fans on my 15.4. Actually, I was rather surprised at how huge the previous model Dell Inspirons were when I saw them at the Dell kiosk today (it seemed really big compared to my Acer even). ^^; How sad is it that I'm starting to think 15.4 is actually too big overall, and that 12" or smaller would be the ideal size for a system? ^^;

*sigh* Otherwise, it's really hot out here as we're caught in the heatwave that's hit the western part of the continent. I'm really hoping we'll get some rain and get some relief from the humidity; it doesn't *get* this humid here normally in July. >.<;