Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Ch 44 draft complete

Continuation I suppose from last night's update. Chapter 44 's draft has now been completed.

I get the feeling that my translation style has been changing over time since I'd first started doing this; I just get the feeling that I'm being a bit inconsistent. Sometimes trying to stay too literal, other times being looser but truer to context. I have to admit finding a balance between the two is hard and I do "cop out" sometimes and take the easier literal route from time to time. In some ways, I'm almost afraid to read through some of the older translations now and see just how things stand and if I'd still agree with how they were done now... ^_^;; I suppose it might be interesting to see though and there are a lot of draft translations rather than edits on the site so I should do those at some point... Urk. Actually it could prove rather shocking to the self-confidence... ^V^;

Ah well. I read through Ritsu's character description in the Charac Book last night and it looks pretty straight forward so I should try writing that up next. After that... Tsubasa Ch 6 edit and Ch 47 draft still await. I assume that scans for Ch 87 will be awhile still (early/mid next week assuming someone will actually post them anymore since TP's commercial release has begun). Actually, if the scans aren't made available... it'll take a long while yet for a translation to be done then since HtY takes a long time to arrive here. >_< Ah well, I was patient before. Just have to go back to it I suppose. But "we'll cross that bridge when we come to it" and shall wait and see what actually happens before assuming anything. I've got to stop watching Stargate... I swear this is getting silly; I'm starting to quote too much from it... >_<

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