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Halfway through ULing an edit, I accidentally hit a link in the wrong browser tab. >_<;; Now I have to reUL the ep. *sigh*

I forgot, I have less than a week before I'm gone on holidays. O_O; Eek! I really hope the male parental figured out how to use Lawson's Loppi system. ^^; I guess I should start figuring out any last purchases I might need (like a new 23" suitcase), let alone what I'm going to get while there.

I thought I read somewhere that Nov's Lala has an Ouran drama CD in it?? Is that right? If so, I might take a look for it if it's out. ^^; Beans Ace should be out while I'm there, so I might see about getting that while I'm there too. (I actually gave the male parental the title for the next Kokumono novel so that he can maybe pick it up before meeting me at the airport). :P ......Come to think of it, why did we arrange to meet at the airport rather than at the hotel?? It's not like I can't figure out how to get to Akihabara... although I will guarantee getting completely and utterly turned around, lost, found, lost again, and hopefully found again in the right area of Tokyo station. ^^; Sadly, the hotel (for the Washington chain? or was it the Hankyu chain?) at Tokyo station is apparently going through major reno's and will be closed for a couple years. Oh well, I'm kinda looking forward to some silliness on this trip. It's a much easier schedule than we usually have so it should be reasonable. :P

And it's now 3PM time to get some new tea, and maybe try fighting through some more of ep 4. I wanted to finish ep 20's trans/timing by now, but it's barely even started. >_<;;
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