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And so, memories of 1989 were brought back as news developed yesterday of what was happening at Dawson College.

I didn't go to Polytechnique, but I do remember the news coverage and the subsequent funeral services as they aired. It's funny, Polytechnique never affected me much at the time, but seeing what happened at Dawson College is... more painful? Perhaps it's because it's a CEGEP rather than a uni/tech school, or perhaps it's because I'm older now. I remember trying to figure out just where Dawson College was, for being "in the heart of" downtown Montreal, and failing miserably. All those times I'd been to Atwater, I must've seen signs at Alexis-Nihon or something (it vaguely rang a bell namewise), because when I finally saw the map, I realised I'd gone by there maybe once or twice the entire time I lived in Montreal... for all that I spent a year going to Atwater and the Children's Hospital. ^^;

I can't help wonder a bit "why Montreal - again", but Montreal's such a large city relatively speaking, although you really don't want to be hearing these sorts of things happening in the first place. :/ It'll likely be a quiet day today and I have no idea if I'm going to read the papers/watch the news on this; I'll have to see how I feel about it later.

The other night saw a bit of fighting on my part as I struggled to make hotel reservations for the male parental. He's leaving next week?!? So soon. O_O;

I can't believe it took me five tries to get through the reservation system... all because I didn't realise that it would only accept J postal codes and kept giving me an invalid entry error. *grumble* Of course, after finally realising the problem, it gave me a "password too long" error. ^^;

I still need to arrange my own hotel, but I have no idea where I want to stay. I hate Tokyo, I really do. I have no idea where anything is, I constantly get lost, and I have no idea where we should stay. >_<;; I'm debating Yokohama a bit since it's not so far, but it might be a bit too far if we'll be bouncing around Tokyo itself while we're there.

The FSU heard me grumbling and whining about how I hate Tokyo and asked why we were going there in the first place... "Ghibli museum of course. Why else would I go there?" The look on her face... ^^; That's okay, we're also planning on hitting Tokyo Tower before Godzilla destroys it again. Apparently I've been there once. The FSU tells me it was on our first trip to Japan, which explains why I don't remember it, I was five at the time. ^^;

But... my first order of business when I get there will be to hit a bookstore and get the latest Kokumono novel. I want to read what happens next. :P

And apparently Ghost Hunt is *finally* being made into an anime! Yay! ^___^ It starts airing Oct 3! >_<; Still, I'm going to see if I can catch it on TV while I'm there. ^^; I'm not so concerned about catching Conan on TV (it's at an awkward time if you're going out for dinner), and the chances of being able to watch Kokumono is a bit iffy as it depends on the hotel and if they have satellite service. But I think Ghost Hunt was on a regular channel (albeit late at night, IIRC) so it might be possible. I can always hope. ^___^

It's a shame she (Ono Fuyumi) never continued with that series after that last 2-part novel, but... that book also had a bit of a "the end" feel to it in certain aspects. Is it bad that I can't wait for Yasuhara to show up? Although I'll admit I just like the entire group dynamic for those characters. ^^; I really hope it'll show up in raw form on torrent. ^____^ For me, Ghost Hunt is <3. It's what started me on reading Japanese novels, getting into fan-translations, scanlating, subbing and even writing fanfics.

Anyhow, work. >_<;
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