Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Ch 87 fan girl summary commentary

Well, the fangirl's summary is up for chapter 87 and it definitely sounds interesting. It sounds like a number of things have happened in the chapter particularly between Yuki and Kyo, but some of the comments also makes me wonder the timeline for some parts of things. Her comments this time were rather loose in places (missing commas?) making some parts trickier to follow. For one thing suggesting that the hat was from Kyo to Kyoko? Not the other way around?? That sounded odd, but until we get to see the scans it's hard to say just what exactly is what.

The main thing of interest in her comments though would be the Yuki and Kyo aspects. While the school play does sound like fun, (Mine and her dressing girls fetish...) I think most people are especially interested in these two and their altercation / discussion. Kyo thinking Yuki is so lucky being so priveleged... no one would really think he were priveleged given the course of the past few chapters. Kyo has had his form of hell being alienated from his family and yet has had a reasonably good childhood thanks to Kazuma; Yuki has a "family" (two parents and a brother) but I don't think most people would call the family situation entirely positive. Both envy what they think the other has had...

Well, in any case, we'll have to see what's actually in the scans before we'll really know what's happening beyond the teaser. Still sounds like the school play is in quite a bit of trouble since they'll have to re-write the script to match the cast more. I really wonder what they're going to do what with Hana-chan, Kyo and Tohru's castings. ^_^ It'll be interesting to see where it all goes.

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