Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Yay! GH Chapter 2 finished

Okay, it's tomorrow by just over half an hour, but I finally got Chapter 2 finished for Ghost Hunt. Wai! ^_^ I'll have to actually read the story sometime since I'm getting the feeling there's a lot of stuff in there that I didn't entirely notice when reading it originally. That plus all the searching it's been having me do over the past several days... *How* long did it take for me to discover the proper spelling for "Tizane"!? I was assuming "Tisane" but it's really Tizane... erm, with an accent egu on the e. I don't think I actually found any English sites mentioning him, and none of the French sites were particularly in-depth enough... at least not at first glance. I'll have to take another look again later and see if I can find more information about what he'd done. If there's one thing, this series has had me hunting down information quite a bit. Oh yes, and discovering that the SPR and ASPR really do exist... ^_^;;

Otherwise, I guess now that that's been finished next will be to continue with Tsubasa (ch 6 final) or on FB. Shall see. Ah well, at least my hand will have a chance to rest now seeing as I need to do more scans before the next part can be done. What to do next; that is the question... ^_^;;

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