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It's hot today. -_-; This weekend was the annual Harvest Sale at Heritage Park where all proceeds go to the Children's Hospital, the Cancer Foundation and I believe the Park itself. Great. It was really warm with few clouds. Not bad if you like sun and warmth (although the horse manure ponged a bit). The bakery was out of gingerbread men! That's definitely not acceptable. >_<;;

The female sibling unit and I usually go out to the park once a year for this event and we seldom go for the Fall Festival (craft show), so it's the only time I can get my favourite gingerbread people and hit the candy shop. Sadly, we left the house after 11AM today which is bad. The gingerbread people unfortunately tend to sell out by then. >_<;; So, hopefully we'll be heading out to the Fall Fest this year so I can have my once-a-year favourite gingerbread people. *sigh*

After hitting the bakery and candyshop, we then proceeded to the harvest sale, where all the produce is extremely cheap. This year was a bit different from last year, and the apples were all bagged instead of binned. There were still 50lb bags of potatoes for $10 (we weren't going for those) and some goodies had sold out by the time we went. A bit of a shame really. :( As it is, one couple was commenting how the harvest sale had really shrunk compared to previous years. I'd been wondering if they'd closed one section of the event because they'd sold so much but am not sure. It was definitely much smaller than I'm used to though. :( As it is, I think we spent more time in line waiting to pay to enter the park than we did inside. ^^;

Otherwise, it appears someone has hacked randomfandom again. >_<;; Access to the site hasn't been affected (ie it hasn't been completely shut down) but depending on what happened, we could end up going down again. :/ (I've reULed most of the site except for the gallery). Hopefully things will be back to normal soon.

Anyhow, I'll post the proposed release schedule for the rest of the episodes and get to work on ep 3's timing next. ^_^ Oh! And the translation for the little skit at the end of Saiunkoku Monogatari no Sekai 1 that was released on l33t-raws yesterday. That was cute! ^___^

[Edit: Okay, apparently the server is what was hacked this time and the site's access will be questionable for the next 24 hours or so.]
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