Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Ow ow ow...

Definitely slow going... Somehow, unless I can get the scanner to do cleaner scans from the very beginning, I don't know if I can keep going with a scanlation style for Ghost Hunt. Cleaning up two pages almost killed my hand today (although I'm working on it again already...). Granted it probably wouldn't be quite so bad if I took breaks more often rather than working straight, but I tend to prefer working straight. Much easier to keep track of what I've been doing.

Otherwise, while not updating still, there's only 5 more pages to go before I should be finished the current GH chapter. (Will have to double check the pages and the translations once I'm finished.) GH is proving a lot easier to translate this time than I'd expected. Although, I still don't know what the person's name is supposed to be that's being mentioned in this chapter. I wonder if there might be a clearer mention of it elsewhere or if maybe they're listed in the reference list.... Shall see.

Still nothing listed for FB as expected, but most likely something will pop up tomorrow or the day after; if anything, at least the summary should be posted soon. If anything, it should prove to be interesting what the chapter is about. I'm rather curious to see what Kyon-Ouji is doing and how Hana-chan especially reacts to his skipping rehearsals. ^_^ I can just imagine Hana-chan sending doku-denpa his way for things; that would be hilarious! ^_^;;

Ah well, I should at least finish this page then crash for the night... Hopefully, I'll be able to finish this GH chapter by Wed...

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