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Shadow [userpic]


August 19th, 2006 (12:29 am)

current mood: sleepy

......It's been a busy day in journal land today. What with Kokumono ep 16's release followed by the little banner for FB... *splat*

But first, apparently I lied about my upcoming holidays. It'll actually be Oct 4~25 instead. It seems that flights on the 11th were sold out (because of Thanksgiving perhaps?), so the male parental is cutting his trip one week short. Actually, this'll be a beautiful time of year to travel in Japan... at least it would be for the main island. Kyushu...? Might be a bit warm still? However, because of the dates, if FB does continue that far, it may not be possible for me to translate Oct 5th's release.

And before anyone says that FB is ending on Sept 5, I'll explain here what I mentioned on Ysa's blog. Simply put, we still don't know for certain that the next issue will be the last for FB. The little banner on Hakusensha's Hana to Yume site says "いよいよ最終章" or "At last, the final chapter". However, FB isn't released in 章, but in 話, so the question remains, how many 話 will be in the final 章. For those who are getting confused by these characters, basically, we're entering the final storyline for FB, but don't know how many parts it will take for that story to be written. So, it could be that there will only be one part to the final storyline and FB ends Sep 5. It could also mean that there are 6 parts in the final storyline resulting in one more book. That part, we don't know yet. So, take it as you will. FB may end Sept 5, or it may not. All we know is that it's entering the final storyline (chapter), and there's no comment that it's the final installment (話). Of course, my opinion may change should anything more appear on Hana to Yume's site. ^^;

Otherwise, ep 10's edits have almost all been added in. I forgot one correction and will take care of fixing it tomorrow. >_<;

Oh, and utterly random, the next novel for Kokumono (pre-release) is ranked 34th in books on Amazon JPs site. O_O; Who do I want to concentrate on, Shouka or Ryuuki... *ponders* Anyhow, bed. ^^;


Posted by: Simply NANA (toriru4ever)
Posted at: August 20th, 2006 02:47 pm (UTC)

how tragic (seiran's mother story) ;-;
umm so i'm assuming seiran and ryuuki have different mothers?

ok here's the guy with long wavy light hair i was talking about -->
or is he the red hair dude ..*is confused by lack of coloring lol*

and yes please share your knowledge of the red-haired dude too hehe

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: August 21st, 2006 05:14 am (UTC)

Oh wow! Loooooong answer in two parts. ^^;

umm so i'm assuming seiran and ryuuki have different mothers?

The feeling I got was that the previous Emperor didn't seem to revisit any of the ladies that were sent to him, so they all had different mothers. The previous Emperor may not have paid any attention to the women, but he did watch his heirs.

ok here's the guy with long wavy light hair i was talking about

......Eep. I was afraid of that. The image you linked to is of Lin Senya. He's the bored son of a very well-to-do merchant and Shuurei joins his party as it travels to Kinka, the merchant capital of Sa Province.

We first meet Senya when, after the rest of the party is arrested, Shuurei makes her way to the merchant district in order to find employment in a caravan. While in the district, she sees an erhu in a shop and tries it out as she hadn't played for some time at that point. The shopkeeper offers to sell it to her for 5 silver, but she refuses thinking more on travelling light. With a little persuasion however, she offers one silver for the erhu. As they're bartering, a very good-looking Senya interrupts telling the shopowner that the erhu was only worth ~3 silver and that he'd inflated the price 2 silver because he thought he was dealing with a young girl. Senya then offers to pay her five silver if she can play five songs for him; one silver per song. However, if she makes a mistake or doesn't know the piece, she forfeits that silver piece.

Senya then escorts her to the merchants guild where she seeks employment with a travelling group. She then ends up joining Senya's party as his maidservant. Shuurei's duties as Senya's maid includes helping him get dressed (she nearly flips at his relative state of undress, throws his footwear out the window when he asks her to put them on his feet for him, and other things...), making him 'tea' (sayu - boiled water), and playing the erhu for him. In return for her services, Senya agreed to pay for whatever tea she might buy. As they travel, Shuurei then buys all the 'kanroucha' (a high grade sencha) from a shop in each town much to Senya's surprise and dismay. Kanroucha's quite expensive and when he complains to Shuurei that he'd have been better off paying her a wage, she tells him that it was about the same as if he paid her a wage, but that things seemed much worse because she was using her entire wage to buy tea.

Often while they're travelling, Senya tries to make advances on Shuurei, but she mostly ignores them. Eventually, Senya asks her why she's so guarded against romance, and Shuurei admits that she doesn't have the wherewithal at the moment to deal with that sort of thing. Senya keeps trying to make advances on Shuurei until they eventually reach Kinka. His last order for her as her employer is to have her come see him at his home in Kinka.

While in Kinka, Shuurei sees Ryuuren who tells her that the entire Lin family had been murdered a few days before she started on her trip.

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: August 21st, 2006 05:14 am (UTC)


As for Sa Sakujun... he's the second son of Chuushou IIRC, and very bored with the world. He's also extremely intelligent and crafty, to the point that he had the whole world fooled as to his true personality. Sa Enjun had muttered a cryptic comment that all may not be as it seemed to Ensei, but since he wasn't very clear on the matter, Ensei himself never suspected Sakujun to be other than what he seemed.

When he was much younger, Sa Sakujun was essentially behind the original Satsujinzoku that killed Ensei's family. He's also the one who found an unconscious and wounded Prince Seien and deposited him with that group.

Shuurei was the only person able to keep Sakujun from feeling bored with things, and as a result, he wanted her to be his. Despite having her play the erhu every day for the entire journey to Kinka, Sakujun had never gotten tired of it, nor did he tire of her tea, though he did wish she'd make him kanrou-cha as well.

Seiran realising that as long as Sakujun is alive he was a danger to Shuurei, engages in a drinking game with him; Basically, he poisons some cups of sake that are on a rotating platter, and they take turns spinning the platter and drinking one of the cups.

Sakujun eventually steals away where Shuurei finds him and he asks her to make him some tea. Sakujun asks her to make him some kanrou-cha telling her that he'll die if she doesn't, but Shuurei makes him sayu as she always does, telling him that it would be better for him if he's not feeling well.

Sakujun's condition continues to deteriorate to the point that he eventually coughs up large amounts of blood. Regardless of how she may feel about Sakujun, Shuurei decides to get Eigetsu who's well-learned in medicine. By the time she gets back with him however, Sakujun has disappeared, but from the amounts of blood left behind, he's presumed dead.

Earlier, at the end of book four, when Seiran tells Shuurei that Sakujun is too dangerous for her to be attracted to, Shuurei comments that Sakujun was very similar to Ryuuki in a way. When Seiran denies that they are at all alike, Shuurei, reiterates that they're very similar, but that they were also the exact opposite of one another.

In book five, when Seiran and Shuurei talk again about Sakujun, Seiran asks Shuurei about whether she was attracted to Sakujun, and Shuurei answers that she really didn't know. Eventually, she comes to the realisation that maybe she's weak to people making advances on her. Seiran realises that since he'd warned off most of the boys that might have tried getting close to Shuurei and her own natural defenses against getting romantically involved had kept her from having guys make any romantic overtures towards her.

And on the offchance you haven't put things together about these two...

Lin Senya and Sa Sakujun are the same person. Senya was a persona Sakujun took on and, had he grown bored ith Shuurei on the road to Kinka, he fully intended to kill her en route. When the Jasenkyou later show up in book seven/eight, mention of the name Senya made everyone think automatically of Sakujun whom they'd presumed was dead.

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