Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Slow going... >_

Aaahhh talk about slow going! Still working on cleaning up the GH scans and it's taking forever! >_< While I did manage to dig out my mouse, I discovered that it's settings are way out to lunch for what I'm used to. It drove me up the wall within two seconds. Not bad... ^_^;; A shame the old work computer can't be used; I like the way that mouse was set.

In any case, a few more pages have been done for GH but until I can finish cleaning up those scans, that won't get finished. The bad thing is, I also discovered that I need to do more scans after this section is finished. Apparently I didn't scan beyond p118. >_< Scanning manga pages isn't a lot of fun... Ah well. Shall see how that goes later.

It's a bit sad the things you end up reading / looking up when translating sometimes. Seeing as I've never read the bible, trying to translate what John's reciting when performing an exorcism is a lot tricky. *How* long did it take before discovering just which parts he was reciting...?!? The sad thing is I knew the chapter, just couldn't find the actual text in the Japanese version. Of course, if I just looked it up in the English version, I'd have quickly discovered that they're pretty straight translations... ^_^;; Oh well. Got to look at lots of different renditions for the same verses (decided to use the King James Version though).

Otherwise, I got absolutely nowhere yesterday with FB. Not good. I guess I should try to work a bit on those things as well. Now then, if things go as normal and someone outside of Japan posts scans, then it'll be about a week before I'll be able to do the next chapter. If someone in Japan posts... plus a day for scanning, probably not until Tuesday so Monday on this side of the pond. Ah well. Shall see how that goes. Not to mention I should probably do some more job hunting. ^_^;;

Which reminds me, one of the GH fan sites just started an investigative fan fic. Wai! It has a really promising beginning and sounds a bit sad. I wonder if it'll parallel Mai's past a bit in places? In any case, something to keep an eye on along with Stock Roll for their next chapter. May Traumwelt and Seraphita update their main stories soon... *pray* I really like their stories and writing style. In fact, I think it's thanks to them that I keep an eye on the fan fic sites at all... ^_^;; Ah well. Back to clean-up detail...

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