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Merci beaucoup a ichi_san qui m'a dit que les scans sont dispo! ^___^ (Yes, I know. I never type with accents when writing French. >_<;; )

I took a quick peek through, but there are places I simply can't make out what's written (too blurry when blown up). Also, it seems there's a page missing between pages 6 & 7 in the scans. I'll see what I can write up tonight, and will post that on LJ but the site's update will have to wait until the missing page and words can be filled in. :/

From what I've read though, it's a beautiful chapter about the origins of the bond although it's anyone's guess when it ended up becoming a curse. Perhaps from the very start given the cat's words and feelings?

Anyhow, time to hunt down some lunch. I forgot, this weekend's a long weekend. *blink* Shall see, looks like it might rain today. ^___^

Edit: Oh yeah! Next chapter Sept 5, 2006.
Still no mention of the last chapter yet or being at the climax on the scan pages so it's anyone's guess when that'll happen. I'd guess we're going at least into book 23 therefore.

Vol 21 release scheduled for Sept 19
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