Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Weekend! Yay!

Mind you, when you're unemployed, is there a difference between week and weekend? In any case, finished the GH characters page early this morning before going to bed which is probably both a good and bad thing. Good because it's done, bad because I went to bed late again... Ah well. Old habits die hard.

The interview was this morning and was okay (not great) but I doubt I'll be called for the job and even if I were, I have my doubts about accepting it. This is one of those times where the differences between different aspects of the same field / job became quite apparent. Job training taking 3 months is nothing serious or unexpected but it's that idea of abandoning human / medical and going into animal. I don't think I'm willing to forsake that much; especially not at the payscale described. I never thought I'd be that anthrocentric considering the work is similar overall but... I'm not finding myself willing to forsake all those years to jump into the vet side. I guess if there's one good thing about all this, it's the fact that I *finally* (after how many weeks!?) changed my watch back to local time so that it'd wake me this morning. Obviously I haven't been wearing a watch much if it's been on another zone's time for so long... ^_^;;

Ah well. Late to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, (not so) wealthy and very,very dead. I think I'll go work on one of the FB chapters in bed. Listening to another GH CD drama probably wouldn't be a good idea. At least it's not the one I finished translating the other day. No more screams to wake me in the middle of the night while listening / sleeping. ^_^;;

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