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Shadow [userpic]

...pretty much nothing?

August 4th, 2006 (01:20 am)

current mood: blah

The Beans is coming! ^___^ Unfortunately, I don't know if I have the subscription yet through Iwase, but the latest novel magazine for Kokumono is coming from Amazon JP! ^___^ Now if only Amazon will hurry up and list the latest upcoming novel so I can order it and Beans Ace before it gets sold out. >_<;; While Kadokawa does allow purchasing online for back issues, I haven't waded through the site sufficiently to see if they'll ship overseas... not to mention mailing that sort of item overseas would be pretty nasty. >_<;

Included in the latest Amazon order (which is primarily male parental unit oriented this time) is a second copy of Kokumono manga vol 1 which will get chopped up and used for scanlating. Which means, sometime in the next while, I'll finally move more on the manga side of things. While the manga does include much more from the novels, it also has its differences as well. Which reminds me, what is the normal size to scan pages for scanlation projects? As much as I read raw scans for FB, the sizes tend to be all over the place. When I scanlated Ghost Hunt, I kept the scans down such that it would fit on a single screen (ie 600 high). This made things a bit tricky however and the scans were hard to read. On the flip side, the scans were crap so anyone wanting to really appreciate the manga would have to get a legit copy. Maybe 2 screens high would be a good size?

Otherwise, I think CD Japan has shipped Kokumono DVD #1 (the FSU ordered it so I'm not entirely sure), so hopefully I'll get to watch it in ~1 week and find out what's on the CD that's included with it. Nah, I'm not so utterly addicted and hooked on Kokumono that it takes up my whole life. ^^;;

Apparently, I'm being kidnapped to go "shopping" tomorrow. I decided to do some online shopping at Futureshop for CSI season 3 and opted for in-shop pickup rather than delivery since I've never used the option before. I figured I'd buy the DVD set and have the female sibling unit pick it up on her way home from work. What I didn't expect was that the card holder had to come with credit card and e-mail confirmation to pick up the item. >_<;; I can definitely say, I won't be using that option again. As for why CSI...? I have no idea. The female sibling unit bought season 1 & 2 recently and she promptly died laughing when I started talking to the TV with comments of "What are you doing?" "Did you just do ***??" "Whoa, where did that come from?!" etc. etc. regarding the pseudo-science that pops up in that show. Sadly, this is the usual response to scientific and horror shows here which makes watching rather... amusing sometimes. ^^;;

Rosetta posted a summary for the latest chapter for Skip Beat the other day which means FB shouldn't be too far behind. Hopefully soon, although most likely the chapter following would then come out... Sept 5 IIRC from the current pattern. Anyhow, it's late. Bedtime. -_-;


Posted by: Too cute for evil (ginny_t)
Posted at: August 4th, 2006 10:05 am (UTC)
katakana from Jelynne

I don't know about scan sizes, but my thought is larger (within reason). Many viewers can scale things down, but I like to have the option to zoom in on detail.

CSI: haha. Yes, me too (although I don't know all the science stuff that you do). I do the same thing watching Law & Order, when they diagnose Psychological disorders from 3 actions. WTF?! (And that's with only Intro Psych under my belt. Imagine how full Psychologists must react!)

Posted by: beamspam mcmuppet (snapdragon76)
Posted at: August 4th, 2006 03:41 pm (UTC)

Ohhhh! Possible scanlations in the future!!

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