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Kokumono Story Timeline - WIP

July 29th, 2006 (11:09 pm)

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Laundry's going so I'm not settling in to work on the next subs. (Shame on me!) Took a quick peek at NHK's site for Kokumono, and ep 17 will air Aug 26th as predicted. NHK is also doing a special re-run of eps 1-13 as well as two Saiunkoku Monogatari no Sekai on BS2 very late at night. I have no idea if anyone's going to be recording and releasing those, let alone what they're about.

Anyhow, the timeline...

  • Start of history - Sou Gen begins to fight back the spirits and demons that are ravaging the land gathering 8 enlightened being to him in the process and eventually becomes the first Emperor of Saiunkoku

  • 600 years ago, the Emperor of that time decides to have the chief ruling family for each province change their name to the name of their province and declares that the use of those names are forbidden to anyone other than those families.

  • ~29-30 years ago, Shouka goes to the capital to see the Emperor and joins the Wolves. He's given the name "Kaito"

  • ~28-29? years ago, Shouka kills his great grandmother, becomes Kokurou and never plays the biwa again. Shouka doesn't know that Reishin and Kurou were outside listening at this time. Reishin threatens Kurou that he and Shouka will forever hate him if he doesn't forget everything he'd heard except for the sounds of the biwa by the next morning.

  • ~20 years ago, the Wolves of the Wind are disbanded

  • 15 years ago, Kou Shouka is passed over as the next head of the family in favour of Reishin

  • 13 years ago (end of previous winter), Prince Seien is exiled to Sa Province for reason of treason; all trace of him is lost at this point.

  • Little Whirlwind (Shosenpu) and Little Staff King (Shokonou) meet and eventually wipe out the Satsujinzoku except for Meishou

  • 13 year ago, the youngest son of the Ran family is given the name/title Ryuuren at four years of age and the three eldest (triplets?) become head of the clan, sharing the responsibilities.

  • 13 years ago (beginning of winter), Shouka's family finds Seiran and takes him in.

  • ~9 years ago, Yougetsu makes a pact with Eigetsu, saving his life

  • 8 years ago, the previous emperor falls ill and the fight for the throne breaks out among the heirs

  • 6 years ago, Kouyuu and Shuuei take the National Exams. Kouyuu passes as Jougen at 16 years of age.

  • ~4(?) years ago, Shuuei switches from administration to the military

  • 1 year ago, the previous emperor dies

  • 6 months earlier, Shi Ryuuki takes the throne

  • Side Story - The Great Ghost Hunt
    (Yuurei Taiji Daisakusen 6-1)
    1/2 month before story 1 - Ghost Story primarily with Kouyuu and Shuuei
    - Kouyuu and Shuuei meet Shuurei's mother's ghost.
    - Shuurei's mother tells Kouyuu to tell Shou not to involve her children or he'll regret it later.

  • ***Timeline central point***
    Story 1 - The Initial Breeze is Crimson
    (Hajimari no Kaze wa Akaku)
    Spring - Shou Taishi commissions Shuurei to enter the Imperial Residence as a consort to the new Emperor in an effort to get him to take interest in ruling the country.

    Shuurei - 16
    Ryuuki - 19
    Seiran - 26
    Shuuei - 24
    Kouyuu - 22

    - Shuurei enters the Imperial Residence as a consort to the Emperor in an effort to get him to take an interest in governing his country
    - Ryuuki starts to become attracted to Shuurei
    - Ryuuki gives up one dream for another and decides to govern his country
    - Ryuuki gives Shuuei and Kouyuu an iris; meaning he gives them his trust and he wants them to protect the Emperor's flower (Shuurei)
    - Kourin realising Sa Taiho's wishes tries to poison Shuurei
    - Sou Taifu and Seiran spar; Sou Taifu and Shuuei realise Seiran's identity
    - Seiran leaves a note with Shuuei and goes after Sa Taiho
    - Shuurei is kidnapped and poisoned
    - learn Kokurou's identity
    - learn a little of Shusui's identity
    - Ryuuki realises Shou Taishi was behind Shuurei's poisoning and promises Shou that he will become a ruler worthy of being Emperor in exchange for the antidote
    - Shouka promises he will come to kill Shou Taishi one day
    - Sa Taiho dies after plotting against Ryuuki
    - learn Shou Taishi is one of the enlightened ones - Shi Shou

  • Story 2 - The Golden Promise
    (Ougon no Yakusoku)
    Summer - Due to an extreme heat wave, court officials succumb to heat exhaustion / stroke. Kouyuu has Shuurei dress as a boy and work in the Dept. of Finance.

    Ensei - 26

    - The Condor of Sa Province is dead (formerly one of the Wolves - Hokuto)
    - Shourin and Youshun - the Condor's adopted sons - travel to the capital to meet Shouka
    - there's a major heat wave in the capital resulting in many people suffering from heat exhaustion/stroke. The shortage of people results in a personnel shortage at court
    - Ryuuki sends Shuurei letters and strange gifts worrying Shuurei's neighbors until they realise that the sender is simply not very clear on what is appropriate to send
    Ryuuki is fooled by Shou Taishi and sends Shuurei a curse doll
    - Ryuuki tries to introduce a bill to allow women to take the National Exams starting from the next exam. The Sr. Sec. of Civil Affairs shows no major opposition to the bill but the Sr. Sec. of Finance leaves court without a word killing the motion
    - bandits from Sa Province have been entering Shi province and the capital in large numbers
    - Rou Ensei travels to Kiyou (the capital) and eventually faints from hunger in front of Shouka's residence
    - Shuurei finds Ensei and takes him in and feeds him
    - Ensei and Seiran meet; Ensei realises Seiran is "Shousenpuu" (Little Whirlwind)
    - Shuuei and Kouyuu are visiting Shouka's residence once every four days for dinner
    - Shuuei gets Seiran to agree to help hunt bandits with the Uringun for 5 gold/day plus Shuuei is to pay Ensei to guard Shuurei while Seiran is helping them
    - Kouyuu asks Shuurei to work in the outer courts for a month
    - Shuurei dresses as a boy and acts as a gopher for Kou Kijin, the Sr. Sec. of Finance. Ensei is also put to work.
    - Ryuuki starts a rumour that Shou Taishi has "ultimate pickled plums" that are extremely effective against heat exhaustion
    - Shou Taishi is run ragged around court as people chase him for his pickled plums, which are supposed to be in a jar that he's been carrying around with him everywhere
    - Reishin keeps popping up around Shuu-kun and helps carry things
    - Shuurei clings to Kou Kijin during a thunderstorm, much to his surprise
    - Shuurei begs Shou Taishi for his plums to help the various officials to recover from heat exhaustion
    - Shou Taishi shows Shuurei the jar (which has no opening, but tells her that Dr. You in the East Kou district is a very capable herbalist who should be able to help her
    - Ryuuki plans an "evening tryst" sending a letter of intent to Shouka; Shusui also reads the letter
    - Youshun and Shourin sneak into the palace and break into the Dept of Finance stealing the key to the treasury
    - Shuurei and Ensei go to Mt. Ryuu, where Shuurei's mother's grave is, to clean it
    - Shuurei reveals to Ensei why she hates summers
    - Youshun collapses from heat exhaustion on Mt. Ryuu; Shuurei is about to have Ensei carry him home when a maskless Kijin appears telling them to use his home as it's closer
    - Kijin reveals his identity to Ensei surprising him back to his senses
    - At Kijin's residence, Shuurei is busy attending to Youshun along with Dr. You
    - Ensei tells Shuurei that he's written a note to her family that they were staying the night much to Shuurei's and Kijin's surprise
    - Ensei reveals that bandits have been chasing him and would be paying a visit to Kijin's home. Kijin tells him to do as he pleases and that he will not help.
    - Dr. You has Shourin go to Mt. Ryuu in search of an herb for Youshun to work off some extra energy
    - Ryuuki, Shuuei, Kouyuu and Seiran all learn that Shuurei is staying at Kijin's residence on the night of Ryuuki's planned tryst. Seiran realises that the bandits were going to attack Kijin's residence that night. All four therefore go to Kijin's to help Ensei fight.
    - Shourin returns and gives Dr. You the herbs. He also gives Shuurei the key he'd stolen from Kei Yuuri, much to Shuurei's shock.
    - Reishin tells Kijin why he didn't oppose the original bill
    - Kijin teases Reishin hinting at taking Shuurei as his wife
    - Ryuuki gives Shuurei a cherry sapling
    - Ensei speaks privately to Ryuuki and entrusts the seal and badge of the governor of Sa Province to Ryuuki
    - Bill is passed allowing women to take the National Exams

  • Ensei puts Shunki in Shourin's and Youshun's care

  • The Beans Vol 6
    Winter / Year End
    - Koku and Haku Daishoguns put together a special competition originally for the Uringun troops, but eventually spreads to the entire Imperial Guard.
    - The prize to the competition is set as a special consultation with Kai Yu - the Governor of Koku province and ladies' man.
    - Shuurei asks Kochou for some work and is suckered in by the high pay
    - Koku & Haku Daishoguns order Shuuei to take part in the competition
    - Ryuuki enters the competition
    - Seiran has a bad feeling after Shuurei tells him she has a well paying job lined up on the day of the competition. He ends up leaving his post and enters the competition (he originally had no intention of doing so).
    - Shuuei's task was to make Official Ro smile/laugh; Ryuuki's was to drink 10 cups of Shouka's tea; Seiran's was to get a passing grade in style from Ou Yougyoku. (Other tasks include outdrinking Sr. Sec Kan of the Dept. of Public Works, getting Kijin's mask off and looking at his face without losing one's senses, yelling at the top of their lungs to Reishin that "Your brother has an outie!"...)
    - Officer Kou ends up taking the prize due to pure luck of the draw while Shuuei, Seiran and Ryuuki are outside fighting with Koku and Haku Daishoguns. Sou Taifu interrupts their fight disarming everyone with his bow.
    - Shuurei manages to complete her "job" and escape without Ryuuki being any the wiser.

  • Story 6-3 Trouble at the Front Lines of Visiting the Sick
    (Omimai Sensen Ijou Ari)
    - Shuurei catches a cold after falling into the river after chasing Ryuu Shin
    - Shouka makes non-ginger ginger tea completely destroying the kitchen in the process
    - Reishin and Kijin sneak into Shouka's residence to visit Shuurei; Kijin brings orchids much to Reishin's dismay
    - Shuuei and Kouyuu help Seiran cook dinner
    - Ryuu Shin goes to Mt. Ryuu in search of herbs for Shuurei but doesn't come back before dark
    - Shuuei, Kouyuu and Seiran go to Mt. Ryuu in search of Ryuu Shin
    - Ryuuki sneaks into Shouka's residence and takes care of Shuurei
    - Reishin and Shouka have dinner together; learn that Reishin knows about Shouka being Kokurou
    - learn a little about Shuurei's mother - that she was originally a target of Shouka's but that he instead stole her away eventually getting her to marry him
    - Shuurei wonders if maybe Ryuuki is attracted to her but she can't return his feelings.

  • The Rose Princess (post afterword story)
    (Bara Hime)
    - Ryuuki has since taken Shusui as one of his maidservants for both their sakes
    - learn the tale of the Rose Princess
    - Shusui refers to Shuuei as a mosquito larva.
    - Ryuuki has Shusui play the erhu for him
    - Ryuuki wonders if he'll be able to wait for Shuurei to return his feelings for her and be like the man who the rose princess came to love, or if he'd be like the lord who'd locked up the rose princess giving her everything she wanted except freedom.
    - Shusui tells Shuuei that she's lost yet another of her maids because he didn't come to visit the woman the night before (while he was busy scrubbing pots at Shouka's)

  • Major Brawl Just Before the Kaishi 6-2
    (Kaishi Chokuzen Daisoudou!)

    Eigetsu - 13
    Shuurei - 17
    - Eigetsu and Shuurei meet
    - The Seikintou make trouble in the capital
    - Shuurei learns that Kochou is one of the leaders of the underground
    - Shuurei learns about Eigetsu and alcohol
    - Shuurei and Eigetsu safely enter the examinees dorm

  • Story 10-1
    Eigetsu, Shuurei and Ryuuren leave the dorm after completing the exams.
    - Shuurei, Eigetsu and Hakumei along with Ryuuren were tossed into the hellish 13th dorm after others begged the Emperor to have mercy on them since they couldn't study and Ryuuren's flute was killing them (several people quit their jobs thanks to Ryuuren).
    - Ryuuren is forced to return to Shuuei's residence while he's still in the capital.
    - Shuurei and Eigetsu invite Ryuuren to Shouka's for dinner; Ryuuren decides to earn a little pocket money to buy groceries for the dinner
    - Reishin visits Kijin with a full set of Shouka masks with various expressions
    - Kijin continues to hint at marrying Shuurei saying that he had no problems with having Shouka as his father and that while initially he was worried about having Reishin as an uncle, Reishin still hadn't found the nerve to introduce himself to Shuurei and would most likely be little more than a ghost of a relation.
    - Ryuuren runs into a shell-shocked Reishin who drops the "a little put on the spot" Shouka mask
    - Ryuuren steals the mask realising that a man with such a mask couldn't be up to any good.
    - the gambling houses are all angry with Ryuuren after he's won at all of them and Kochou and Ryuuren square off in a final match with the Shouka mask on the line
    - Ryuuren is sent out with some money by Shuurei to buy some groceries for dinner (he comes back with a single stalk of straw)
    - Ryuuki shows up before Ryuuren in the garden asking if he'd be willing to go to Sa Province to visit Shuurei and Eigetsu and if he'd also take them a present.

  • Story 3 - The Flower Blooms in the Purple Palace
    (Hana wa Shikyuu ni Saku)
    Spring - After the National Exams, Ryuuki orders that the top 20 Shinshi be kept at court for additional training / observation before they're given their assignments.
    - Sa Taiho's ring is reported to have been found but lost soon after
    - Ro Kanri sees that Shuurei and Eigetsu and later Hakumei are given massive workloads; Sai Shousho attempts to protect Hakumei
    - Seiran struggles to find a way to be able to continue protecting Shuurei as she starts down the path of an Court Official.
    - Kouyuu wonders if Reisin really cares about him.
    - rumours that Shuurei had cheated on the exams start to spread
    - Kurou visits Shouka
    - Shuurei and Eigetsu visit Kochou on their day off; Kochou has them taking prisoner at Kougarou leaving Seiran behind; Eigetsu gives Seiran something before he's taken away
    - Reishin is placed under confinement due to suspicions of his manipulating the exam/bribing people behind the scenes to get Shuurei to pass the exams
    - Seiran sends word to Ryuuki of what has happened and seeks out Haku Raien seeking a favour
    - Seiran and Ryuuki go to Shuurei's rescue; Ryuuki is called back to the palace by Kouyuu who threatens to kill him if he doesn't get back ASAP.
    - Ryuuki is buried under a mountain of paperwork as all work in the capital is brought to a halt due to the Kou clan
    - Kijin's challenged in court as to whether he is in fact who he says he is, and told to remove his mask
    - All court officials except Shou Taishi, Sou Taifu, Kei Yuuri and the challenger are ordered to turn around as Kijin removes his mask. Several officials faint at the sound of Kijin's voice before they remember to plug their ears
    - Shuurei and Eigetsu are assigned as co-Governors to Sa Province
    - Seiran is presented with Kanshou while Ryuuki keeps Bakuya much to the surprise of most of the Uringun

  • Story 4 - Omoi wa Harukanaru Satou he
    Spring - Shuurei and Eigetsu along with Seiran, Ensei, and Kourin travel to Sa Province on their new assignment. When they reach the border, Ensei, Seiran, Eigetsu and Kourin are placed under arrest.
    - Shuuei worries about Seiran as Shuurei's party leaves for Sa Province. He reveals to Kouyuu that he'd been kicked out of the house at 16 to go trace Prince Seien's footsteps after he'd been exiled. Shuuei was originally being groomed to support Prince Seien and see to it that he ascended the throne but that ended when Seien was exiled.
    - Ensei and Seiran are arrested as members of the Satsujinzoku and thrown in jail
    - Eigetsu and Kourin are restrained, suspected of being the new co-Governors to the province.
    - Sa Chuushou plots to have Sakujun marry Shuurei without the Kou clan's permission
    - Shuurei joins Lin Senya's party as his maidservant in order to reach Kinka - the merchant capital
    - Ensei and Seiran meet Meishou again
    - Ensei and Seiran break out of jail and start going on a major bounty hunter campaign turning in the newly revived Satsujinzoku
    - Shuurei meets Ryuuren in Kinka and asks him to take Kanshou to Seiran while she goes to Kiku no Yashiki; she learns that the entire Lin clan had been wiped out a few days before she'd started her journey to Kinka
    - meet Sai Shou
    - Sa Soujun dies
    - Sa Sakujun keeps Shuurei's hair ornament

  • Story 5 - The Banquet of the Dark Moon
    (Shikkoku no Tsuki no Utage)
    Spring/Summer - Shuurei's party must go to Koren (the capital of Sa Province) and formally take over within the set time frame if they're to become governor of Sa Province. However, the capital is closed to them.
    - Tei Yuushun (formerly Ensei's second) continues to lock himself away in a tower prison in order to keep himself safe from the machinations of the Sa clan.
    - Shunki travels to Koren with the help of Shourin and Youshun
    - meet Sai Rin
    - Sa Chuushou dies
    - Shuurei reclaims her hair ornament from Sakujun
    - Shunki uses her voice to get into the Sa home and find Kokujun
    - Sa Kokujun is selected as the new head of Sa Clan
    - Sa Sakujun is presumed dead though no body is found

  • 10-2
    Autumn festival.
    - Eiki is livid to learn that Kokujun hasn't so much as kissed Shunki and plots Kokujun and Shunki's first night together
    - Kourin is stunned at the state of the Governor's residence and goes about cleaning one room per day. On the first day, neighborhood kids snuck in to explore the "haunted house" with weeds taller than people.
    - Kokujun, barely keeping his sanity flees out the window barefoot from Eiki's latest attempt to having him spend a night with Shunki
    - Shuurei, Kourin and Shunki go to the fall festival and see a fortune teller
    - Shunki loses all memory and Kokujun has 3 days to have her regain her memory
    - Riou learns of Shuurei and attempts to take her instead of Shunki
    - Yougetsu fights off Riou and restores Shunki to herself
    - Yougetsu despises the Hyou clan second most in the world
    - Shuurei gives Ensei a knit stomach band and Seiran a tassle good-luck charm for Kanshou

  • Story 6 - The White-Silver Hour Glass Continues to Run
    (Kake Yuku Hakugin no Suna Dokei)
    Winter- Shuurei's struggling with nightmares and sometimes wakes screaming after what happened with Sakujun
    - Seiran's obs trip is cancelled by Meisai who informs them of a new group "Jasenkyou"
    - Ryuuren returns coming in through Shuurei's window and warns her to beware of any men who approach her especially those with silver hair although he thinks she should be safe while in the capital
    - Shuurei, Seiran, Yuushun and Sai Rin return to Kiyou for New Year's
    - Seiran is kidnapped by the Uringun for their New Year's drinking fest
    - Eigetsu feels his time is running out
    - Kourin suspecting something is wrong with Eigetsu
    - Yougetsu is brought out with even the slightest amounts of alcohol
    - Ryuuren goes to the capital representing the Ran family at court for New Year's
    - Shuurei fights to meet with the Sr. Sec. of the Dept. of Public Works eventually getting into a drinking match. If she wins, they'll listen to what she has to say.
    - Ryuuki brings a passed out Shuurei to her home
    - Kurou approaches Kouyuu about becoming the next head of the Kou Clan and his condition to that
    - Reishin and Shouka discuss the marriage proposals that have come for Shuurei and Reishin states he doesn't want her to enter into a political marriage and he doesn't want to give her up to any of the other noble families... in fact he doesn't want to give her up to any family.
    - Shuurei greets Ryuuki calling him by name much to Ryuuki's relief
    - Ryuuki and Shuurei spend the night under the cherry tree talking
    - Ryuuki tells her he's been lonely and that he loves her
    - Shuurei tells Ryuuki she's decided to give all men who seem to have feelings for her, her answer as quickly as possible, and attempts to tell Ryuuki her answer to him but he refuses to listen and plugs his ears. Shuurei eventually gives in to Ryuuki's insistence that he doesn't want an answer from her yet.

  • Story 7 - Kokoro wa Ai Yori mo Fukaku
    - Kurou speaks to Shouka about the marriage propositions he'd brought for Shuurei; Shuurei is unaware of them
    - News from Sa Province arrives in the capital that a strange illness is spreading and that Eigetsu has gone to the affected area in an attempt to stem its spread.
    - Jasenkyou's Senya is spreading rumours that the enlightened ones and the gods are angry at the idea of a female official and demands Shuurei be removed from office and/or that she be killed in order to appease the gods
    - Shuurei sees Hakumei and learns that the head of Civil Affairs is from the Kou family
    - Shuurei is visited by Hyou Riou when Shouka interrupts them
    - Seiran catches Shuurei as she flees from Riou and Shuurei asks him about a family crest she'd seen; Seiran realises the crest is that of the head of the Hyou Clan
    - Kai Yu (Governor of Koku province) sees Shuurei and gives her some scrolls that he's been entrusted with. Among them are those dealing with the unusual illness spreading in Sa Province
    - Seika Village in Koku Province had been wiped out by the same illness and Eigetsu was the sole survivor
    - Shuurei and Yuushun arrange medical aid and funding for Sa Province mobilizing the merchants as well
    - the doctors practise cutting animals and corpses open
    - Ryuuki orders the Uringun into Sa Province but Shuurei refuses to allow it

  • Story 8 - Hikari Furu Midori no Daichi
    - Shuurei and Yuushun get the Uringun to do a special training exercise to the border of Shi Province
    - Shuurei rides with Shuuei and the first group of doctors; Seiran and Yuushun follow the next day in the second group
    - Villagers take potshots at both Shuurei and also Sai Rin whom they mistake for Shuurei. The villagers believe the Jasenkyou's words that the Gods are angry at there being a female official.
    - Shuuei gives Ensei Kanshou which Seiran sent with him
    - Shuurei gets Ensei to promise that if absolutely necessary, he will kill her
    - Shuurei, Ensei and Dr. You's group slowly make their way to Sekiei Village and the Jasenkyou
    - Eigetsu is captured by the Jasenkyou and locked up in their mountain base
    - Seiran and Yuushun work together and putting together a net to trap the Jasenkyou
    - Ryuuren appears and frees Eigetsu
    - riou interferes with Ren's attempt to capture Shuurei while the net closes on the Jasenkyou
    - Ren dies while Eigetsu fades
    - Seiran, Ensei and Shuurei search for Yougetsu in the caves. Shuurei steps into the still active circle and collapses. Sakujun takes Shuurei out of the circle and carries her to a place where she'd be easier to find.
    - Ka Shin delivers his family's message to Dr. You
    - Ka Shin tells Yougetsu that he should do as he wants to and that both he and Eigetsu love him and are grateful that he'd saved their lives.
    - Kou You faces Yougetsu / Byaku Ya about Eigetsu and Byaku Ya decides to sleep for the rest of Eigetsu's life allowing Eigetsu to live.

  • The Beans Vol 7 6/2006

    - Shusui tries to see what is happening in Sa Province from the capital. Since Riou's visit, she has gained the ability of farsight.
    - Ryuuki asks Shouka to play the biwa for him; Shouka refuses.
    - Shou Taishi gives Shouka a note regarding the situation in Sa Province.

  • 10-3
    - Yuushun has Seiran and Ensei investigate the seven mysteries tour of Koren, Sa Province much to their dismay on their day off
    - Ryuuren takes Eigetsu, Kourin and Shuurei on the six mysteries tour
    - Ryuuren clings to Eigetsu and Shuurei throughout the tour much to Kourin's dismay and disgust.
    - The first mystery (early in the morning on Mt. Ko, monkey-like monsters frighten people) proves to be Shourin and Youshun as they gather herbs
    - Second - on one road, fish and cows suddenly come falling from the sky. The animals have had all the blood removed from them so it's thought to be a bodyless monster. Occasionally bones also suddenly appear.

    Ensei has a bad feeling when he sees a very familiar eatery street and the words of a "bodyless" monster. The "monster" proves to be Nan roushi, Ensei's mentor.
    - Third, on the road at night, a pack of blood-soaked, human eating devils appear.

    Apparently one of the groups of doctors that came to Sa Province, along with Dr. You have been working at restaurants cutting up animals to improve their skills as well as treating any sick and injured people. Because of their work butchering animals, they end up very bloody and as a group one night, forgot to change clothes before going home...
    - Fourth - Renrui Cave - the sounds of a woman, who'd been dumped by her lover, crying can be heard coming from the cave. Lately, it can also be heard during the daytime.

    Sa Kokujun has taken to spending some "depressed time" in the cave. (Apparently it's a regular occurance).
    - Fifth - A water monster appears and drags people into the water

    - Sixth - A mysterious sound can be heard around the Governors' residence sometimes causing birds to lose consciousness and fall from the sky.

    Ryuuren had been playing the flute a lot after Shuurei, Eigetsu, et. al. returned from Sekiei Village
    - Former Governor of Koku Province, and new Governor to Sa Province, Kai Yu arrives in Koren the next day when Shuurei and Eigetsu are hosting a large dinner for all their friends. Kai Yu secretly hands Shuurei a tiny piece of purple fabric on which cherry blossom petals are embroidered.
    - Kai Yu brings orders for Shuurei and Seiran to return to the capital. Shuurei is stripped of her rank and position, and is barred from entering the palace until placements are decided for the next year.


Posted by: Simply NANA (toriru4ever)
Posted at: July 30th, 2006 01:55 am (UTC)

You're awesome! have i told you how much I love ya??? hehehe *glomp*
wai! *really needed something to fill for lack of new kokumono episodes* ^__^
soooo much wealth of info! *saves to memories*

Posted by: 13sugars (thirteensugars)
Posted at: July 30th, 2006 02:56 am (UTC)

OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH (multiply that to infinity). I doubt I'll survive the next couple of weeks. (lol)I just know I would go crazy if I didn't get my saiunkoku "fix." ^^ I need it so badly!

Posted by: sagittarius00 (sagittarius00)
Posted at: July 30th, 2006 05:30 am (UTC)

Shadow thank you so much!!! *hearts*

Posted by: Too cute for evil (ginny_t)
Posted at: July 30th, 2006 07:42 am (UTC)
saiunkoku silhouette (safetygirl0)

Well, at least we know when this cursed hiatus will end. *sigh*

Is there any word on how many novels there will be?

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: July 30th, 2006 01:41 pm (UTC)

No word as yet for the total length of the series. ^^;; Novel 9 comes out in Sept and I've heard 10 comes out in Oct, but haven't seen any listings for that one yet. Also, since the latest The Beans has the short story about Shouka, the Wolves and the previous Emperor, hopefully that means we'll have at least another short-story compilation. Eep! 13 books and counting...? >_<;;

Posted by: Simply NANA (toriru4ever)
Posted at: July 30th, 2006 08:44 am (UTC)

btw shadow-san , Do Ryuuki and Shuurei do more than talk under the cherry blossom tree? :3

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: July 30th, 2006 02:00 pm (UTC)

...... ^^;; There's a very sweet scene just before where Ryuuki tries kissing Shuurei only to have her hand cut between them at the last instant. Shuurei then has Ryuuki sit himself before her and gives the whole talk about how she'd decided to give her answer as quickly as possible to those who might be attracted to her. (Poor Ryuuki wonders why he has to sit like that for something like a kiss let alone one that hadn't been committed yet). ^^;;

Otherwise, they sat most of the night talking and watched the sunrise while holding hands when Shuurei noticed that Ryuuki's butt was starting to freeze to the ground. Ryuuki got up very quickly and ended up tearing his outer wear and Shuurei mended them for him. Thankfully, the damage didn't go any further than that. ^^;; When Ryuuki told Shuuei about it the next morning, he admits that if Shuurei hadn't noticed that he'd started freezing to the ground then, both of them would probably still be in the garden frozen to the ground until mid-day. ^^;

Posted by: sagittarius00 (sagittarius00)
Posted at: August 9th, 2006 11:31 pm (UTC)

Shouka kills his great grandmother, becomes Kokurou and never plays the biwa again.
Little Whirlwind (Shosenpu) and Little Staff King (Shokonou) meet

I hope we'll see Shouka's backstory in the anime. It's interesting to see why he killed his grandmother. That must be one of the reason why Kurou hates him.What is Kokurou?

I get it that Little Whirlwind is Seiran, but the little staff king I was wondering if he's Shouka..*shuurei's father* If it's him did he know the real identity of Little whirlwind during that time?

Thanks again^^

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: August 10th, 2006 11:42 am (UTC)

It's interesting to see why he killed his grandmother. That must be one of the reason why Kurou hates him.What is Kokurou?

I don't think Kurou realised it was Shouka who killed her. Probably the only one who realised it was Reishin. Kokurou = the Black Wolf. It's also the title of the leader of the Wolves of the Wind.

The Little Staff King is Ensei. Remember Ensei's two fighting methods of choice are the staff and hand-to-hand... actually I wonder if they mentioned that in the anime?? It's revealed very early on when we meet him. ^^;

Posted by: sagittarius00 (sagittarius00)
Posted at: August 11th, 2006 01:46 am (UTC)

Posted by: 13sugars (thirteensugars)
Posted at: August 10th, 2006 05:23 am (UTC)

I have a hunch that the "Little Staff King" is actually Ensei...

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: August 10th, 2006 11:42 am (UTC)

It is. ^_^

Posted by: frozendreamland (frozendreamland)
Posted at: August 28th, 2006 03:50 pm (UTC)

OMG, thank you for this information! I started watching Saiunkoku Monogatari a little while ago, and I absolutely love it. When Seiran said his age was 21 in the anime, I thought it was a little weird, cuz he looked way older than that.

PS: Just out of curiousity, do we know anything about Reishin's wife?

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: August 29th, 2006 10:38 am (UTC)

Hmm... only that she rejected Kijin. I don't think she's been mentioned beyond that. (Personally, I want to know what sort of person she is that she can handle Reishin...) ^^;;

Posted by: カイロンスター (chironstar)
Posted at: September 27th, 2006 06:31 am (UTC)

OMG, I'm so saving this one to memories! Thank you so much for compiling this - I now know a little bit more about the story in the novels!

I'm a bit curious as to whether the reason Shouka had to kill his grandmother has been revealed (and why/how did he become Kokurou in the first place?), and why Seiran and Ensei had to wipe out the Satsujinzoku (maybe they were bad guys? Or are there anymore reasons besides that?) ... and who is Meishou?

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: September 29th, 2006 05:28 pm (UTC)

The matter with the Satsujinzoku will be explained in the current story arc in the anime. Meishou will be explained there too. ^^; There's a bit more to their wiping out the Satsujinzoku than that...... but like I said, it'll be explained in the current story, so I'm not sure if you'd rather know now, or let it come out in the anime.

Shouka's great-grandmother and Kokurou was revealed in the last issue of The Beans which came out in... June? July? His great-grandmother was a very powerful woman in the Kou clan and extremely intelligent. She's probably the only one who realised Shouka's true abilities other than Reishin, and I think she taught him how to play the biwa; she was also planning on having Shouka made next clan leader. I actually only skimmed through parts of the story, so I'm not sure if the full reasoning behind his killing her was revealed, but Shouka basically told Emperor Senka that he would have her killed and that he would then take over the wolves as the new Kokurou. The previous Kokurou died when she tried to kill the Hyou clan's Rose Princess.

As a result of the previous Kokurou's death, the previous Emperor never came to love any woman, and paid little attention to his concubines beyond getting them with one child while Shouka spent ten years improving his skill with the intent of killing the Hyou clan's Rose Princess.

As for Shouka joining the wolves in the first place, if he hadn't gone to see the Emperor when he had (before he was ten), the Wolves would have ended up killing him, Reishin and even Kurou who was still a very young child. Shouka had thought Kurou would have been spared, but soon learned otherwise.

Posted by: カイロンスター (chironstar)
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Posted at: March 21st, 2008 03:12 am (UTC)

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Posted at: March 23rd, 2008 11:56 pm (UTC)

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Posted at: October 30th, 2006 02:09 am (UTC)

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Posted at: October 31st, 2006 07:14 am (UTC)

Posted by: Simply NANA (toriru4ever)
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Posted by: sagittarius00 (sagittarius00)
Posted at: December 8th, 2006 01:48 am (UTC)

I'm so glad I reread your timeline post and comments. gosh I feel so sad for Seiran no wonder he's not keen on going to Sa Province..it's only because of Shuurei..*sporks that Meishou* grrr!

I'm not keeping up with the latest raw well..except for 26 and after watching ep 27<--my most fave ep ever--THE HUG!!<3<3*^^; you mentioned Sakujun died,was it Seiran?

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: December 11th, 2006 02:03 am (UTC)

you mentioned Sakujun died,was it Seiran?

Umm... is presumed dead. There's no body. Hmm... the scene starts with Seiran who challenges Saku to a drinking contest with poisoned alcoholic drinks. Ultimately, however, it's not Seiran who "kills" him. Shuurei does so unwittingly.

What happened is, Seiran poisoned all the drinks including the ones he would drink and had already taken the antidote before hand, but Saku had long since developed a tolerance for the poison Seiran had used. So, after he passes out from drinking so much (I don't remember how Saku manages to escape the effects of the alcohol...) Saku encounters Shuurei and asks her to make some kanro tea for him. The entire time he and Shuurei had traveled to Kinka together, Shuurei had only ever made him "sayu" (hot water) and never kanro tea, but Saku remembers her saying that she was buying all that kanro tea to make for the people she cared about. So this time he asks her to make him kanro tea, but Shuurei seeing him unwell, tells him that it would be better for him to have sayu instead, and refuses to make kanro tea for him. What Shuurei doesn't know is that in making him sayu instead of kanro tea, she ends up poisoning him.

Posted by: sagittarius00 (sagittarius00)
Posted at: December 11th, 2006 10:05 am (UTC)

Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: December 17th, 2006 12:00 am (UTC)

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Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: March 22nd, 2009 10:18 pm (UTC)
bara-hime story

i'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet, as i don't have time to read all the long comments ^_^;; but i noticed that this time line is missing shouka's struggles with the hyou clan as the black wolf, as well as how he escapes with bara-hime and shusui. when is this? also all the recent information about Tei Yuushun's back story and Ran province's history.

thanks for compiling this, it's amazing!

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