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Book 11 (novel 9) release

Kadokawa's listed information on the upcoming novel release for Kokumono.

The Evening of the Storm of Petals is Scented by Crimson Plums
(something like that)

Kou Shuurei, the first female official of Saiunkoku has gone from a high-ranked to a normal official. During the time she's forbidden to go to the palace, she starts to look for things she can do in town. There, she gets proposed to by the young lord of a strange noble family?!

ISBN 4-04-449911-X-C0193
Sept 1 release


Hmmm... a bit different from what I thought from the blog entry I'd run into previously, but definitely intriguing. ^___^ It's supposed to be followed by another volume in Oct. Eep! I hope Amazon will list it soon so I can put together an order. I have a Y1000 coupon for them that I need to use soon. ^^;;
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