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Shadow [userpic]

Tsubasa Ch 6 (sort of...)

January 15th, 2004 (01:06 pm)

Still today? Yep.
While not quite in shape enough to be called a true draft, Tsubasa Ch 6 has been roughly sketched out now. Should be able to finish off the draft over the weekend. I'm surprised I got through it so quickly. I thought it would take longer than it did. Mind you, I guess all those long uploads for the GH CD Drama gave me lots of time to work on it. ^_^;;

Otherwise, I found a small error in the CD Drama which has now been fixed. I guess next shall be those two missing chapters in FB as well as Ritsu's character description maybe? Mind you, I also want to do a small character description section for GH... Hmm, the scans for that haven't moved today. (Which reminds me, I still haven't dug out that mouse yet... stupid cordless, never know where you might toss them...).

Otherwise, in the real world I got a call for an interview today.... Vet lab!?!? *blink* I never thought twice about "diagnostic" when applying for that job but... animal?! I'm still not sure if I really want to try for it now, but shall see how things go tomorrow. I guess this also means I'm not allowed to go to bed at 4 or 6AM... ^_^;;

Ah well. Let's see about getting some character pages together for GH... ^_^