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Argh! 'Net problems

Quick note: My ADSL internet connect seems to have gone poof since some time last night which puts a serious damper on things here. >_<;; I'll try seeing if I can get it to work again or if there's something more serious happening here (not sure yet). The good thing is, I've got a separate dial-up account. The bad thing is, it's dial-up. *sigh*

Sadly, Telus' homepage doesn't seem to have a DSL outtage (or any system status) section unlike my dial-up provider. It makes things a lot harder to pinpoint problems if you don't even know if the problem is on your side or theirs. *grumble*

Otherwise... ginny_t, could you UL Kokumono 13 sub? I'm not sure if this problem can be solved quickly or not. :/

Oh, and a little bit on Kokumono's anime release sched.

Jul 15 Ep 15 Oya no Kokoro Ko Shirazu (The Child Know Not the Parent's Heart)
Jul 22 Ep 16 Wataru Seken ni Oni wa nai (There are no demons in the world)
Jul 29 Ep 1
Aug 5 Ep 2
Aug 12 Ep 6
Aug 19 Ep 7

Presumably we'll be back to new releases after the 19th. (Hopefully).

Edit: Never mind. Decided to try reconnecting one last time before shutting down and completely tearing things apart and it worked?!?! I won't ask.
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