Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Yay! Finished GH CD 2! ^_^

Woohoo! Finally finished the MAGpie project for GH CD #2. A few updates to the earlier tracks' translations were also done, but it was kinda fun working on this. There are a couple of aspects to the program that I haven't tried out yet which might be interesting to try, but would require another project for that. Shall see if there's something else I want to do in that way. Shall see. I'm not sure if I'd want to translate another GH CD drama though.

A couple of pages have been done for GH S3 pages, but that's really slow going. Not much else otherwise. Hmm... most likely people in Japan will start being able to pick up HtY around Monday depending on where they are. (Saturday sounds a bit too early) so shall see when we might see what's happening in the next chapter. All I know is that the sneak preview on Hakusensha's site says that they're doing rehearsals but things aren't coming together and that Kyo is skipping a lot. Shame shame Kyon-Ouji! ^_^

In any case, time to get back to working on things I guess.

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