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Saiunkoku Update

Okay... I'm getting in serious reply debt (posts, email)... >_<;;

Just a quick note that ep 13 draft, CD Drama 1 mini-story, ep 4, 6-8 edits, and the chara pages have all been ULed/updated. The Mini-story is a really cute SS. ^___^

Ginny, I'm hoping to get the timed script / compile out to you late tonight.

Ysa, I got your corrections. Thank you! Hopefully I'll be able to go through them late tonight / tomorrow and boot out a new compile for you to do a final check.

And at some point in this insanity FB 129 will be showing up. >_<;; Eek.

Oh, and what did LJ do to my Friends page?!? I'll have to look at that later too. *sigh*
Tags: saiunkoku monogatari

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