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Shadow [userpic]

Ack! Taking a short break for dinner...

July 2nd, 2006 (06:34 pm)

current mood: stymied


ginny_t, *please* tell me you have good extensive knowledge of slang / rougher language. Please~!

I'm hunting down dinner. Hopefully it'll help and my brain can start coming up with something semi-intelligible. *grumble*


We now return you to your usual programming. >_<;


Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: July 11th, 2006 03:29 am (UTC)

But then again Seiran's question was somewhat misleading... *perks up* What did he mean by 'useful'? No wonder Shuurei's confused.. I wonder what Seiran thought of her answer.. ^^;;

*laughs* It was a strange question to ask. I think Seiran was thinking more along the lines of his being able to help her and support her with her work however he can in his capacity as a member of the military. He ended up smiling at her reply because, Shuurei didn't stop to think about his being useful or not, nor did she stop and consider that there was no reason to necessarily think they'd be together, she automatically assumed he'd still be with her until he was old.

Does Seiran knows if Shouka knew he's the exiled prince? Maybe we'll learn also why Shouka seek him out and offered him his home.

I don't know if Seiran knew before, but I think he's come to realise Shouka knows from certain comments Shouka makes later in the series. Basically Shouka tells him that he doesn't have to be "perfect" anymore which is something Seiran had always strived for as a prince.

oh please please, what did Seiran say when he was taken to Shouka's family?

If you've watched ep 11, you'll know how Shouka is in the kitchen making ginger tea. Shuurei's mother was the same when making Shuurei's medicine. ^^;;


Shuurei: When I was little, I'd often been in bed with a fever, but it was always so lively and fun, right?

Seiran got a strange look on his face, "I think it was a bit different from that but that it was always so lively is because, when Madam made medicine for you, she'd always cause something to explode and cause a panic. While she was extremely skilled at making medicine and it definitely did work, every time she made it, something strange would always happen."

"Ah that's right, and you'd often go running and yell at her. Come to think of it, I'd heard that the first time you spoke was when Mom was making medicine by my bedside and caused an explosion. Is it true you protected me from that and yelled 'what are you going to do if you hurt this child?!'?"

"...It's the truth. That time, there was the risk of you ending up with life-threatening burns, My Lady."


In your opinion, is there any hope for Seiran and Shuurei as far as the novel shows? I don't have problem if she ended up with Ryuuki because he's just too adorable and I think he really loves her and they'll be good together..

So far, I'm getting the feeling of Ryuuki x Shuurei much more than Seiran x Shuurei. Even though Ryuuki's stuck in wait mode, Seiran doesn't seem to move much in that sense. I think I need to read the latter books more carefully (I'd skipped over large sections esp. those dealing with Eigetsu, Kourin, and other characters), but I'm wondering if Seiran isn't thinking more of supporting that coupling as well later...? I'm not entirely sure though.

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