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Shadow [userpic]

Playtime! ^_^

January 12th, 2004 (01:04 pm)

Oh dear... I've been playing again with MAGpie again on the GH CD Drama and shall see how things go with it. Actually, only have one track left before it's finished... Also started working on cleaning up the next set of scans... Ouch! Slow going and painful on the hand. Must figure out where I put the mouse instead of using the pen and see if that helps with things. >_<

FB and Tsubasa aren't going places much at the moment though. Shall see if I can't get working on those soon as well. Probably once track 6 is finished. The sad thing is that it's not translating that takes time with MAGpie but working out the timing for the lines. It probably takes twice as much time for the timing than it does for the translation. >_<

Otherwise, still having fun watching Stargate. ^_^ Now if only the next box set would come in... >_< Patience is a virtue I don't think I possess much of...