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Shadow [userpic]

Free time...

January 6th, 2004 (01:03 pm)

Well, I'll give life right now this much, too much(?) free time. It's not too different from when I was working in the office in some ways actually...

In any case, work's now on-going for GH track 4. I'm having fun with that silly program again! Not good. ^_^ And I've decided the next section of GH manga will be another scanlation technique although it won't visibly be different from the first scanlation technique listed.

Merrow says they can use more Tsubasa for the end of the month, so shall have to see about getting that going as well. Actually, if I steal my sister's computer tomorrow, maybe I can try re-creating that chart I'd been making when Corel crashed on me. It'd be a breeze to create in AutoCAD, much easier for me in fact than with Corel... Or maybe even with Power Point? I never thought about trying that program for this sort of thing...

Anyhow, today's update is mostly housekeeping, so you can't really call it an update unless you haven't been through the whole site. Mostly menu and copyright date updates. Maybe we can have some content for tomorrow? Maybe. ^_^