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Ummm... got tagged for a meme by roostah

Explain your LiveJournal name, its meaning, and mention an alternative username you would have used. When you're done, tag as many people as there are letters in your name.

So... umm... it's actually pretty simple. I have a few different names on LJ. kagenoyume (dreams of the shadows), yumenokage (shadows of dreams) and kagedreams (shadow dreams). All are based around my website's name Kagesai no Yume. Kagenoyume is essentially dead as is yumenokage, but yumenokage is where, when I get the urge, I'll write in Japanese. It's also the blog for the fan fic section to my site.

Since kagedreams is the third of that series of names, if I had to pick something else still... I'm not sure. I might have to backtrack to where the site name came from (Tsuki no Kage, Kage no Umi - the title of a novel by Ono Fuyumi). When originally working on the site (before the FruBa Translation Pages were opened to the FruityGroup), I'd had an opening page with the comment:

(That which is born between the moon and the shadows is...)

so I'd probably have gone with something based around tsukikage or some such.

As for tagging... um, anyone who wants to should feel free. ^^; I'm not sure about tagging... !! 10 people. ^^;;


And as I'd mentioned earlier in a comment, We Suck has released their fansub for ep 4.

While it's a bit strange to comment critically about a fansub, I have to admit, their release has me scratching my head a touch. The first ep was really good, although there was some strangeness with subject, verb, and object agreements. In Japanese I'd say: 微妙にずれている or that it's slightly off base. Overall in ep 1, it wasn't all that bad though. (This aspect is where the Ayu fansubs were better than We Suck's, in terms of accuracy they were much weaker but the verb tenses and such (esp minor conversation parts) were superior.)

Ep 2 especially and ep 3 as well, surprised me because, it felt like the translator was different from ep 1, or the editors were different and influenced the final translations greatly. That was the biggest thing outside of the rare homonym mistake. Ep 4 though, that's where the strangely off parts became much more noticeable, but overall it felt more like ep 1's writing style. Maybe I'm imagining things a bit?? *confused*

BTW, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying my translations are better or 100% accurate or anything because without the written script, that's impossible to determine. (I will admit, I do cross-reference heavily with the novels, so I hope the details are right. But there're a lot of other places to screw up in translating). Also, there are some places where I can't do that (refer to the novels) to figure out exactly what's being said which is why I check out the fansubs after I've done my own translation. Those areas where I'm not sure or can't quite make the word out, will sometimes be made more apparent from seeing them. Oddly enough, what's important isn't necessarily that someone else's translation is actually correct so much as, seeing what they have written will open up a different sound concept to consider. ^^;

One of the things with translating this series is the style of language being used. When working in Japan, during their training, the J staff weren't permitted to answer the phones because they didn't have the proper language skills! A lot of what's being used in these novels is more formal, flowery and ... okay, it's a bit of a headache sometimes. :P I've never studied keigo (polite speech) and their different levels although the one time I tried sitting in on a class at the cultural centre in Kyoto, that was what was being covered. At that stage (a month or two after I'd moved there), it was beyond my ability to use properly. Understanding it is one thing, using it... >_<;

But more than that language aspect though, is the kanji. I need to sit down with the male parental and get him to look through the kanji dictionaries at for me - I don't know which would be a good one to get and I can't simply steal his (as tempting as that may be. Besides, that thing's older than I am. And as much as I seldom use hardcopy dictionaries these days, I don't feel like waiting until the next time I go to Japan or someplace that has a proper J bookstore to get one). At least twice so far, I've run into kanji that is nowhere to be found in my e-dictionaries, online, or in my own kanji dictionary (elementary school level). I've also had a couple run-ins where, I've had to out and out ask about a word's meaning. Both times came back with a "...... I've never seen that character / word before." and "It might have something to do with _____." ^^;; Oh, and much of what I need to look up for this series can't be found in a J-E translation dictionary. It's often too closely linked with stuff from ancient China so it's only over in the J dictionary. >_< Thankfully my dictionaries have an easy "jump" function. ^^;;

Oh well, I guess I can add the dictionary on top of everything else I want to get along with Saiunkoku manga. :P

Otherwise, the Mermaid jacket has now been cast on!!! ...... sort of. ^^;; Casting on has been done, and the female sibling unit is doing a provisional cast on rather than the i-cord. She then ran into "on an 80cm 3mm circular needle". ...... We don't have a 3mm circular?? Thankfully, Make1 is having a sale next week, and I'd been sort of hoping to go, so we'll probably check if they have some Addi Naturas in 3 mm. Everyone else (CP, Clover...) is proving to be rather questionable on 3mm. Most often we're running into 3.25mm. >_<;; In the meantime, FSU's been charting out the pattern, and is admitting that it's going to be a lot of work. The ends of each row varies and the instructions are quite detailed and specific. :O I think I'm glad she'll be doing it and not me. ^^;

My socks are going slowly and I really need to kick up the pace if I want to finish by July 9. Right now, I've finished the ribbing and maybe ~1-1.5" of length. I'll see about doing a progress photo in another day or so. Hopefully it'll have grown a bit too. :P

Anyhow, it's lunch time. Time to hunt down some food. ^_^
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