Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Prince Yuki Members

Just a small update this time for the Character Book; specifically for the Prince Yuki Fan Club. Ack, those guys really are insane... When picking something to work on, I couldn't remember which 12shi I hadn't yet written up from the book which means poor Ritsu is still left looking very empty...

I'M SO SORRY!!! FORGIVE ME!!! etc., etc.

Now that I actually know who hasn't been done, I should see if I can't scribble that one down next. Otherwise, Ch 47 is also going fairly slowly. Falling asleep after two pages is...

Today's been semi-productive though. Since I've so much down time now, I actually started working on track 4 for GH. I'd forgotten how translating verbal work on the fly could be, and then adding in the times for MagPIE... Ack!

Oh, did I also mention how MagPIE and Corel both suddenly disappeared on me without saving my work? I was going to create the relation chart from the Character Book only to have all my work disappear into the ether just as I was about to add the final relation lines between everyone. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!! That was most frustrating. And then having MagPIE kill a minute of translated track... I'll admit this much, I've rediscovered the "save" button quite well tonight. I wonder how long the lesson will last before I slip back into my old bad habits. >_<;;

Otherwise, I'm going to have to figure out how to do the site re-design. It's going very slowly and I honestly don't know if it'll work out or not. I'll have to re-pull the main page since I think I killed it on this computer. Oops... ^_^;

Ah well. In any case, let's see how much we can get done over the next while. ^_^

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