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Shadow [userpic]


June 3rd, 2006 (08:38 am)

current mood: cheerful

Hmm... a quick hop over to Tokyo Toshokan this morning tells me that there's a raw available for Saiunkoku Monogatari ep9 on ...... never mind. L33T-raws has now released it. Amazing what a few minutes will do. ^^;; Can't wait to get my hands on it. (Hooked me? Couldn't be...)

So, earlier this week, I DLed a bunch of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu and was so kind as to burn it to disk and give to the female sibling unit. Unfortunately, I only gave her 2-7. When I asked her if she wanted eps 8 & 9 she threatened to bring my physical existance in this world to a very definite and painful end. I guess that would be a "no"? ......I think I'll burn them for her anyways. ^^;

Despite the extreme heat of the past couple of days, I decided to pull out the Magic Circle shawl and work on it a touch... only to have the yarn snarl a little inside the ball. My ball of yarn ended up tossing its guts out. >_<; 3-ply fingering weight takes a loooooooong time to knit. I did manage to do ~8 rounds though and while it's still looking a little small for a sleeping bag sack, I've now reached the mid-way point in row number. Unfortunately, it sounds more impressive than it is. I've hit around the 1/4 mark in terms of actual completion. >_<;;

This shawl, for all that I liked the looks of the completed shawl, is incredibly B-O-R-I-N-G!!! Much worse than any 3x3 ribbing sweater or garter stitch jacket might be. It's even worse than the collar I'd just torn out of the Spice Caravan Robe. At my current step, I have: 14 rounds of 480 stitches to KNIT. Nothing else, just KNIT. Someone kill me now and put me out of catatonic misery. >_<; Thankfully, once I finish the "knit 16 rounds" step, I'll actually be into the patterned section for this shawl. That's the part that adds interest and appeal to the shawl. ^_^;

The female sibling unit in the meantime has been on the prowl for some 6.5mm circulars. Apparently she has some metal ones in the basement somewhere but she can't use metal needles - they make her hands ache badly. So... since I mentioned that Make1 is open on Sundays... hopefully we'll be making a trip out that way this weekend. ^_^ I peeked at their inventory and they're awfully low on Schaeffer's Andrea yarn - my latest "inn't purdy" love. >_<;;

However, since I haven't actually worked with the stuff yet, I decided to try knitting with it before splurging on more sleek pets. And the results:

1 - I need another set of 4.5mm DPNs. I started out on 3.5mm but they were too small. I'm now trying 4mm DPNs but it's still looking a touch tight. Everyone should have 3... okay 4 sets of DPNs right? ^^; (They're currently on KYOAMPi, Mystery Shawl 3 and 1 set is MIA).

2 - Working with silk is hard. O_O This is the first time I'm working with something other than synthetics, wools or wool blends. I've never worked with cotton or linen so I was a bit surprised at how little give it has - namely, none. >_<;

3 - I'm trying out the Diamond Fantasy Shawl pattern with this at the moment (yes as in from the KAL I joined a while back but haven't finished yet...), but I might switch to the Ethereal Fichu pattern instead. I'd started with Ethereal Fichu originally on the smaller needles but when the pattern called for casting on at the end of a row... I didn't know how to do that and since it was looking too tight anyways, I frogged and started over with DFS instead. The FSU showed me how to cast-on at the end of the row now though so I might go back to it instead. I like the looks of the pattern and DFS is still on the needles elsewhere with some other yarn. ^_^

4 - ......I got to use my new stitch markers. I'm happy. :P

My new DFS is looking like a mini nose-warmer, but it looks pretty. I like the fabric it makes when knit up. It really is too warm to knit right now though. Thankfully temps will drop later this weekend and early next week though.

In any case, I should frog DFS #2. I'll have to decide if I really do want to get some more Andrea yarn. It's beautiful stuff and looks like it'll drape wonderfully, but... it's pricey stuff and I did cave in on Furry Yarns BOGO Sale on Zephyr. Also, they're low on colours and selection and I really want to get 2 skeins of a single colourway so I can do a full shawl rather than smaller items. *sigh* Shall see. I made a small wishlist of colours (to be ordered) and patterns I want to look at / get from m1. Oh yeah. And I'll want to get some US6 / 4.5 mm DPNs again. (I use DPNs when starting projects. Full sized knitting needles are large and too much of a pain to handle when you start off with 3 stitches.)

Anyhow, my DL is complete. A couple more comments and I'm off to watch. :P


Posted by: Shadow (kagedreams)
Posted at: June 4th, 2006 01:27 pm (UTC)

Yup, Reishin adopted Kouyuu and Kouyuu (as well as Shuuei, Seiran, and Kou Kijin) know that Reishin is Shuurei's uncle. Kijin's face is a true weapon. ^^;; In the novel, everyone taking the exam that year except for Reishin and Kijin failed. 30 proctors were fired for failing to carry out their duty - namely they failed to ring the bell to signal the end of the exam. Kijin is about as beautiful as they come and pretty much everything about him is that way. His hair is an indication of how the rest of him is. ^^; (I prefer the CD voice actor for Kou Kijin. He's eccentric, not an automaton)

Reishin is cute in his own special way though . Hahaha i was kinda confused as why he got so blushy and happy over hearing a young "male" call him 'uncle' (was thinking maybe it's some Boy love fetish) but it makes sense that he probably recognized her as Shouka's daughter despite her desguise and decided it was his chance to hear Shuurei call him uncle ^^

That's exactly why he had her call him "oji-san". Shuurei couldn't figure out why someone as young as Reishin would want to be called that so much, but Reishin can't bring himself to tell her his real name / identity yet. ^^;;

Any dirt on Ensei? why is he sneaking off in the night? like that one time Seiran saw him jumping over the roof ^^;

The anime sort of glossed over this, but all those bandits that are coming into Shi Province from Sa Province are after him. In the anime, Seiran comments that the bandits that they caught all say the same thing - that they're looking for someone with a cross-shaped scar on the left cheek. What we didn't get to see in the scene with Seiran fighting (in the book, he's not fighting so much as "collecting"?) is Sou Taifu and Haku Daishogun yelling in anger and annoyance at some "kind" person who's been rounding up bandits and tying them up every night. They'd been looking forward to fighting bandits, but someone keeps beating them to it and so they're not getting their fun. ^^;;

In the anime where Seiran and Ensei talk after Ensei took Shuurei the onigiri, again it's not mentioned, but Seiran also realised from the aftereffects on the bandits, what Ensei had been doing - he recognized the effects of Ensei's staff. Why the bandits are after Ensei will likely be revealed in the next episode or possibly the one after that if it continues that long for this story.

The other thing that we don't see in this episode, is that Shouka says Ensei is still young. Ensei asks if Seiran had told Shouka how old he was, but Seiran hadn't. Ensei then comments that Shouka's very deep ie. there's a lot more to him.

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