Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Ch 29 draft

An hour early but just about tomorrow. ^_^ In any case, I *finally* finished the draft for Ch 29. This chapter was a bit of a pain thanks to the Prince Yuki fan club. Grrr... Otherwise the word "gotoki" gave me a definite headache. It's not easy to explain and the person I asked can't answer it either... If he can't answer, how am I supposed to know... >_<

Hmm... I think I'm going to try for a Detective Conan fest later this week or maybe this month. There's still a lot of stuff left over to take care of from the holidays... not to mention two Stargate boxsets will hopefully be arriving in a few more days... Ah 'twill be fun. ^_^

Anyhow, I guess next will be to work on Tsubasa and the rest of Vol 8 for translations. Tsubasa seems a bit silly still though since the second part of Ch 2 hasn't been released yet and Ch 3 will also be in two parts. Work on GH CD Drama?? Wouldn't that be something... Or even GH manga... I should look at the original scans and look at fixing them up a bit maybe.

In any case, enjoy Ch 29 draft. ^_^

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