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I can't believe I stayed up most of the night reading vol 1 of Saiunkoku Monogatari. My eyes are definitely not thanking me and have been bugging me since around 11PM. :P That's okay,

1 - I didn't expect it to take me this long to read,
2 - it was longer than I expected
3 - It was a good book and I didn't want to rush it
4 - I haven't read a J novel in too long making it slower going again
5 - Reading on the 'puter is painful. I couldn't focus too well on the screen after awhile.
6 - Oh wow! Thankfully the spoiler I ran across is revealed in this novel so I have 9? more novels of unspoiled fun to look forward to over time
7 - There's *so* much more detail in the novel than is happening in the anime. I'll have to watch things again but little things that made my head go ?? with the added information in the book will likely makes sense now
8 - Book 1 will likely take us to ep 8 ish at a guess depending. In the novel, Ryuuren (Ran Shuuei's younger brother) doesn't appear yet so if they throw more curve balls like that....
9 - The characters are not too different from the anime portrayal although there are some little things.
10 - I wish we could've seen the novel portrayal of the scene where Shuurei demands to go home after discovering Ryuuki's little deception. *laughs*

......And likely there's lots more I'd like to say, but... I think I should try to get a little sleep before getting up tomorrow. I suspect this weekend will be lost in more reading though. ^o^
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