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Yay!, ohhhh boy, and Zzzz

I'm alive! Honest! :P

Firstly: Yay! Mail! Lots of stuff was packed in a certain box that arrived from Ginny! today. It's rather overwhelming! So many teas... *_* From the selection of teas, I'd say while our tastes overlap, there's definitely some differences too. (I'm very much a flavoured teas and Darjeeling girl at the moment). There's an Assam and Russian Caravan tea, both stronger teas, which I'm definitely looking forward to trying out. ^___^

Also in the box, was a book by Patricia A. McKillip. I haven't read her books for quite some time now, so if the weather forecast is right and we're having a brief temperature plunge this weekend, I think I'll curl up with the book and a nice cuppa. ^___^ Thank you so much Ginny! *glomps* ^___^

I think the last time I was really online was when I'd mentioned being in a black hole at the moment to Ginny. *laughs* At that point, I was in the midst of the two front panels for my Spice Caravan Robe and was getting worn down by the monotony of the pattern after having done the back. Well, I managed to finish the panels and finally climbed out of that black hole only to fall into a much deeper one. ^^;;

While waiting for the female sibling unit to sew up the shoulder seams for the robe, I started working on the Magic Circle shawl in A Gathering of Lace. For some reason, the simplicity of this shawl and its size has always caught my eye (not to mention the sample shown is in a nice red...) and so I decided to cast on and work on it. No problem. After casting on and knitting a few rounds, you do an increase round, then knit some more rounds, do an increase... I'm currently on my 8th increase followed by 9 knit rounds. I keep knitting and knitting and knitting and getting no where... >_<;;

......Okay, that's not entirely true. Until yesterday, I had a nice grapefruit bag, today, I'm on my way towards a small canteloupe bag. It's currently holding the ball of yarn. :P

The really bad thing is, last Friday, KYOAMPi (knit your own adventure mystery pi) started. Unable to decide what I wanted to do, I started two pi's; one in handpainted yarn's verdes (leaf pattern) and one using the kool-aid dyed Paint Your Own I did a short while back (original flower pattern). The kool-aid dyed yarn is turning out pretty colourful and funky, but I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. It might work for a child? Maybe?? I'll post photos of it when it's a bit further along.

But, to top things off, not only did I start KYOAMPi last week, when the Magic Circle shawl reached a size too big for DPNs (new circular just arrived today), I cast on the Butterfly Shawl in Cheryl Oberle's book Folk Shawls. This is the main pattern that caught my attention in the book although there are some others I'm thinking about trying. I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do on this one since the others are very much higher priority in my mind, but the colours are working out wonderfully. I'm doing this one in handpainted's rochas colourway.

So yeah, I started 3 new projects last week while still working on one (robe) and sort of working on another (diamond fantasy KAL). For some reason, the female sibling unit is starting to contemplate buying a third set of Denise needles. Something about all the needles being occupied... ^^;

Tomorrow, I'll start clue 2 for KYOAMPi. The clues are released at midnight on Friday's, so I'm currently trying to decide which pattern to do for my two pi's. I have a green leaf and multi-coloured flowers. My next choices are snowdrop, leaves, corn, or bumblebee lace. Will have to think about it some more. ^^;

For some reason, I've been getting caught up in Sims2 again lately. (Shame on me I know). :P Silly goose, playing games until 3, 4, or 5AM is really not good. At least not when you need to be semi-conscious the next day. ^^; It's been a very Zzzz week.

Lastly, I'm thinking about maybe hunting down or ordering this pattern from Fiddlesticks once I finish my Spice Caravan Robe. It looks pretty simple although I'm not sure where I can get a closure/clasp for it. -_-;; I suspect I'm slowly getting interested in garments other than shawls now. I've started taking an interest in cardigans, sweaters and jackets as well as heavier yarns lately. Of course, this is just in time for summer heat... ^^;;

Anyhow, bedtime. I'm feeling like a nit after all the knitting I've done today. :P
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