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Yay! Zzzzz. *koff* *sneeze*

Weird title... Anyhow, "Yay! Charlotte's Web is now done!" :P I decided against doing the extra repeat and the shawl came off the needles tonight. It's looking a little crumpled and I'm not sure if it's going to get blocked?? Space is a bit at a premium for blocking... unless we use a bed I suppose. While working on it, I decided against the fringed edging and likewise got rid of the loopy crocheted edging. I did do the single crochet part to it though it almost put me to sleep. Single crochet (sc) in all the cast off stitches = >300 sc stitches all the way around the shawl. >_< It was seriously putting me to sleep. :P

In any case, shall see if the shawl's to be blocked or if I'll try stretching it out a bit and taking a photo tomorrow. :P Next up for working on to completion will be the Diamond Fantasy KAL project. I've got ~5 more repeats to do to finish the scarf for it so hopefully it won't take too long. I just hope I don't run out of yarn first. >_<;;

And the female sibling unit is looking pretty serious about filet crocheting something for the windows. Personally I think she's nuts but... I went through all the books I could find on crochet but am not finding many of the filet crochet ones. I'm wondering if the best patterns we have for that isn't in the crochet magazines then?? If so... yikes! That'd be even worse for stirring up the dust. I did make some intriguing discoveries though. Like some really old patterns that we'd managed to snag before Woodwards went out of business (<-- bonus for those who actually remember that department store). :P Also, I discovered a number of pattern books in French(!), some in Japanese, and thankfully none in German or any other languages although maybe the female sibling unit could manage the German. :P And in one old storage container in the basement, I discovered hanks and hanks of crochet cotton. Mostly bedspread weight. Apparently, I'd been planning something massively painful but have no idea what it might have been. ^^;

I'm not sure if discovering these things is a good thing or if it was better to leave old ghosts lying in peace. :P

But tomorrow I get my hair cut and (most likely) dyed. Yay! I haven't had my hair dyed for a long time now... since my last true stylist. She's about the only stylist I've ever had who would use semi-permanent dyes on my hair. Most stylists won't bother because it's hard to do (I have dark/black hair). I prefer semi-perm though. *sigh* Better still though, I'll be able to see again after tomorrow. ^^;

Tomorrow will be picking up and continuing with the DFS. I really want to finish that too before casting on a new project. Afterall, how many projects do I need to happen at one time, and do I really want a repeat of reading the pattern for one project and trying to do it to a different project again? I'd really rather not... ^^;

Oh! And before I forget, does anyone have a good rib recipe? I've a rack of pork backribs to do something with and am not sure what to do. I don't often cook ribs or pork. :?
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