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One of those days..

No, not one of those days where you wonder why you bothered getting up, but one of those days that leaves question marks floating over your head. :-/ Work was completely unproductive and not only did we not do any work, but we put up new curtains instead.

To put things mildly, don't get an engineer, a geneticist, and an anthropologist (by degree or by profession) together to do something as (apparently utterly) complicated as changing curtains and curtain hardware. Starting mid-morning, we managed to take down the old curtains, and take down the rod. Opened the new rod's packaging and discovered "Hey neat! The wall brackets are a different size!" and decided, rather than put new holes in the walls, to try working with the old rod and scavenge pieces off the new rod. ^^; This actually worked, but... we had to restring the rod... And herein the adventures began. First we restrung the rod, stuck it back on the wall, hung the curtains and... both ends wanted to go the same direction rather than pulling apart and together. Down came the curtains and rod, and we restrung; this time testing to see if it worked. Nope. Restrung again; nope. Restrung a third time... still no. All three of us just stared at the rod and string until it suddenly dawned on the engineer that the dummy closure (ie the passive slide) was attached to the wrong string! Yeesh! I think it took 4-5 hours to take down curtains, rebuild a curtain rod, and rehang new curtains. >_<;

During the curtain madness, we received a package via DHL. Almost two MONTHS after being told they were backordered and that I'd be sent a tracking number as soon as the item came in, I finally received my ipod from Telus. No tracking number or shipping notice; just the package (and my power adapter that had been billed at the time of ordering). :-/

Third, I had to renew an account while changing my billing info and send it via my pseudo-fulltime email account. The problem was that I'd completely stopped using that email since Telus wouldn't let me send using my account. (I've been on their ADSL connect now for two months (obvious from the previous paragraph) but hadn't fixed my email settings that would allow me to get mail but not send. I finally figured out what was happening, and quite frankly, Telus is really stupid if that's how they want things done. It makes much more sense for me to send email using my own mail server (which requires authentication) than sending it without any such via theirs. It makes zero sense to me. I'd actually reconnecting to my dial-up account in order to send my e-mail and then fiddled with the settings afterwards. I won't be fiddling all the accounts though. :-/

MS3's group is most likely finishing up now and I still haven't gotten beyond row 35, but while there, someone mentioned another KAL that will be starting on April 14th. Originally, I wasn't planning on joining but...

"Our next group project will be the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Pi Shawl
In the spirit of a child's Choose Your Own Adventure mystery, EZasPI presents a Choose Your Own Adventure Mystery Pi Shawl Knit Along!
Can you navigate the the clues to a unique shawl, or will you land in the frog pond???? Get your yarn and needles ready to cast on, Friday, April 14, 2006.
The frogs are waiting for you...
Mindy is the project Hostess and will post clues each Friday (approximately)."

I couldn't resist the description although I really hope I don't join the frogs. ^^;

And so, even though it's now ~8PM, I feel like I've been up for much longer. >_< And while happy with the new curtains, we're not so happy with the new sheers. So now, I'm starting to wonder if maybe we can fillet crochet something else to replace the sheers. The thought of knitting briefly passed through the brain but was quickly vetoed. Likeise, we're considering sewing up our own curtains next time (provided we can find good fabric) although at that point, we might as well go custom. (We really should have this time, but didn't want to go through the time delays. We'd already sat on our butts after things originally starting falling apart). ^^;

Over the weekend, I decided to be ultra stupid and follow recipes for making mochi... I really should know better because they never seem to work. (We've made mochi / red bean stuffs many times in the past and it doesn't work as per recipes so we've come up with our own method). The mochi turned out okayish, but even then, we had to change things midway. The beans... bleah (much too dry). Next time, I'll do it the way I'm used to thankyouverymuch. (Maybe it's the altitude or the lack of humidity here??) In any case, every single recipe I'd found on the internet for making mochi/daifuku all called for mochiko (or shiratama-ko), water, sugar was or was not included and... the instructions called for nuking for 2 minute intervals. O_o It sort of worked (not enough water!!), but I'd rather fight with the mochi on the stove top as it cooks. The only thing is the question of "to sweeten or not to sweeten". My own memory didn't say, but the female sibling unit said that Mom used simple syrup or similar. I have no idea. Methinks I need to get a book on Japanese sweets.

Next time, I do mochi "my" way. Hopefully it'll turn out much better. :P

*sigh* I'm out of ice wine, so I think I'll try knitting a few rows and work on *finishing* that silly Charlotte's Web. I only have 12 rows left assuming I only go as far as the original pattern. If I do an extra repeat, it'll be 28. :P
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