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Letter to Self

Dear Me:

You know, you really are an idiot? I mean seriously! Okay, yesterday you were clumsy enough to cut yourself and, disbelieving the female sibling unit who's been knitting much longer than you, you decided to try knitting today anyways. That "I don't need it for knitting" finger just happens to be the one that you use occasionally to purl with, helps stretch stitches when you k2tog, and does a bunch of other stuff. Oh no, you don't use it at all... *sarcasm*

Better still though; who on earth in their right mind would knit dark burgundy yarn on ebony needles?!? Did you even stop to think that the yarn and the needles are really close in colour?? Just be thankful that the female sibling, in one of her brilliant flashes of clairvoyance (or she just knows you really well) decided on a whim to pick up an extra set of DPNs for you. Of course, when transferring your knitting to the new DPNs, we won't mention that you stupidly put them right back on the ebony needles on the second row and had to re-transfer them over and then consciously make an effort not to use the ebony needles a second time. Yeesh!

So me, along with the extra needles you now have some more Koigu and a couple skeins of possum/merino worsted thanks to the female sibling who, okay granted, she did tease you last night when offering to pick up some yarn, but she also got you some furry presents. So what are you going to do? I suggest you consider making the female sibling a nice warm fuzzy seeing as she's constantly complaining about being cold. Granted she says she wants a blanket, but I don't see her pulling a Linus. How about finishing her afghan ASAP then working on a nice portable fuzzy for her to cuddle up with. Which means sitting down and actually finishing some more projects in a timely manner rather than starting new shawls again, staring at more patterns again and drooling over sock patterns this time 'round. A little more discipline and self control might be in order here. So how about it?


...... Oh good grief! I'm writing nasty notes to myself?? Might this be considered worse than talking to oneself? Eek! >_<;
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