Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Ch 86...

Hmm... translation for Ch 86 has been completed. An interesting chapter with some confused thoughts from Yuki. How he saw Tohru and Kyo and what he's looking for. It seems like he's really pulling back and not even trying to win Tohru's heart. >_<

It seems like so much of how he viewed his relationship with Tohru wasn't on truly equal footing and that's what he wants. A relationship of equals. Whereas he views what he has with Tohru as one where he recieves much but is unable to give anything. So where do things go from here? Do we get to see Kyo grow? Or will it continue with the school play or perhaps back to something on the curse?

... in any case, that waits to be seen.

Otherwise, I've been playing a bit with some game scripts. While they're pretty basic, the Illust-Logic script seems interesting. Shall see if I can't try making something up with that one. Ah well. There's still about one more week left to the holidays after which it will definitely be time to get serious about things... Or will the end of year / New Year cleanup take over again... *achoo* Too much dust being stirred.

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