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Bad timing, it figures >_<;;

Of course the KnitPicks package (the one with some stuff for the female sibling's b-day present) had to arrive today; about half a week earlier than expected. >_<;; The one day of the week where I don't want things to arrive if they're to be kept from her. And of course, she was there when I opened the package. (I was expecting Blackberry Ridge's box to arrive around today but no such luck). *sigh* I'll have to think about the second part to her b-day present + the male parental's gift to her still. >_<;; (On the flip side; I'm starting to feel like I'm drowning in yarn now and really want to get it made into things). The box was promptly put aside in a distant corner where I'm not going to be able to go rooting through it easily to pet or look at. *cry*

But one of the things in this box was some "Paint Your Own"; a laceweight undyed yarn that I'm going to try dyeing. From the way the Charlotte's Web shawl is going, I'll have plenty of Koigu left over and the female sibling may have some other stuff I can try experimenting with before trying things out on the "real thing". ^^; It'll be interesting to see how it goes. I wonder if I can try using Easter Egg dyes or hair dyes as well?? Mind you, I've never dyed my hair outside a salon so I have no idea how hair dyes would work or how much they cost compared to "proper" dyes specifically for that purpose. (I'm trying to think of possibilities that are also readily available since I don't know of a good fabric shop in the area any more).

Otherwise, being sent to the frog pond:
- Magic Circle Shawl - I re-read the destructions and discovered I'm short ~3-400 yds of yarn for the project. ;_;
- Tri-aran shawl - I don't like how loose it's coming out on the needles I'm working with. I'll try dropping down a size later or re-doing it with something else; preferably coloured.

This week so far has been just bad WRT timing and expectations. My recurring tea order hasn't happened, notifications aren't coming in as they should making me antsy, and things are taking longer than expected. >_< I'm getting too impatient these days. Internet ordering is really lousy for satisfying the want to shop.

The DFKAL is... I'm not sure if I'll keep going with the yarn I'm using. Supposedly it's Fleece Artist Bluefaced Leicester (sp?) yarn but it's feeling pretty heavy so it might be DK weight? As much as the pattern calls for 375m of fingering for the pseudo-scarf, shawl-by-any-other-name size, I'm feeling like it might be too hefty. Shall see as things continue. I like the colour although it definitely no longer exists (apparently it's from ~2003 or so).

Oh well, bedtime. I went to bed this morning at ~7AM after playing Sims2 all night. Silly goose. :P How sad is it that I've been going to bed with certain patterns for bedtime reading material? I keep trying to match stash with patterns I'm wanting to make. Of course, the fingers can't knit that quickly. *sigh* Four more repeats for Charlotte's Web Shawl plus the edging. -_-;
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