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I'm weak; I admit it >_<;;

*Le sigh* After being good all weekend despite lots of drooling and looking at things, I finally gave in and ordered more yarn. >_< BUT, it's not the cashmere I've been ogling for the past several days (and started signing up for ebay at least twice only to tell myself "NO"). Instead, I went for some strange little fluffies (lace weight since I'm really caught on lacey things right now) by Cherry Tree Hill. Little fluffies that apparently were discontinued last fall and are getting hard to find and, while I could have lived in blissful ignorance, somehow, someway, I managed to discover a site which had this unusual little fluffy.

For some reason, I couldn't let go of the concept of possum in yarn and simply had to get some to try out. >_<;; (Control? Whazzat??) I've found one other site that has a few other colours for this yarn, but I'm hoping the one colour I got (only 3 skeins though) >_<; will be enough for a small/medium-ish project. I had debated going with another site (jklneedles or something like that) but their shipping prices were rather bizarre. I might still order from them though for the Lantern Moon DPNs. Apparently the female sibling unit wants a second set so she can do two socks simultaneously. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to find a site that's both reasonably priced (all round) and has something else I can order at the same time since ordering a lonely set of DPNs is rather sad; especially when one shop lists a shipping price almost equal to the price of the needles. (Why does it cost >$18 to ship knitting needles let alone DPNs??)

I think I'm very grateful that I haven't had the same reaction towards qiviut (sp?), yak or camel, let alone any other unusual animal fibres as I have with that silly possum. ^^;

It's looking like there might be a remote chance that I'll be able to get out to the new yarn shop that's opening here, provided that they open by Friday. If not, it's anyone's guess when I'll get out there (although there is a good ramen shop out that way, and a truly fantastic Italian restaurant too...). This new shop seems to carry a number of yarns I haven't seen elsewhere in town including laceweight yarns. I'm really hoping I can get out there and see what they have. There are two yarns in particular that I want to look at and see rather than buying indiscriminately - Lorna's Laces Helen's Laces and Schaefer's Andrea yarns. Lorna's Laces looks like it has some really interesting colours that I'd love to get my hands on. Sadly, the colours the shop carries aren't entirely the type I gravitate towards and they seem somewhat lacking on those that I really love. ;_; (They have much of their current inventory and colours listed on their site).

Unfortunately, since I was a bad girl and picked up the possum yarn, I'll have to hold off ordering materials from Heirloom Knitting for the Grey Shawl (pattern just arrived on Friday). I really want to make it the same way as shown since that's what I fell in love with. The pattern sounds rather intriguing for the edging. The center square though sounds a bit dull even if it is done on point. :P

Speaking of dull, (one of) my current shawl project - Koigu's Charlotte's Web is... well I think it's making me go a bit catatonic. I've been holding off on MS3 for the past bit since it takes a fair amount of concentration and my mind simply hasn't been there for that (not to mention I'm waiting for my circular needles to arrive), but Charlotte's Web is a bit too far the other way. >_<; On the plus side, since I'm doing it in a single colour of Koigu's KPPPM sock yarn, I suspect I'll only use 4 skeins, rather than the 5 called for, and have one left over. Methinks I'm going to try picking up some Kool-Aid at the grocery store and play with the extra skein. :P I've been intrigued by the Kool-Aid yarn dyeing kick that's been going around and am curious how the colours come out. I'm not one for seriously psychedelic (sp?) colours so it may not be my thing but.... curiosity killed the cat. Hopefully I won't blow up the microwave. :P

I guess if there's one good(? silly, foolish, or stupid might be more accurate...) thing that came out of that unexpected yarn purchase, it's that I'll be casting on for the Sivia Harding KAL on the 15th. I picked up the DL version of the pattern for the KAL at the same time, so I'll be trying that too. It should be alright though since it doesn't use much yarn and calls for fingering weight to boot. 375m for the scarf which is virtually a shawl?? I've already got some "mystery yarn" to work with, so now I just have to print out the pattern. At least it looks to be more involved that the Charlotte's Web that's been putting me to sleep this past week. :P
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