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Uh oh. Be still my beating heart...

Last post for the night. Honest! (Actually quite true as I'm about to fall on my nose). :P

Reading the Sivia Harding KAL group is officially very bad for your mental being... or at least to your pocket book. >_<;; Someone on there decided to post a link to this e-bay seller. Thankfully, I'm being kept safe because I'm not an ebay user and don't have an account there. (I had one near failure of willpower which reminded me that I don't have an account). This is simply too evil and resisting is proving difficult. >_< I have to remind myself that we just ordered some Fleece Artist although I have no idea when it'll actually come in. ^^;

Be strong me. You've spent too much money already this month for knitting and must wait for them to actually arrive. Better still, how about actually knitting something to completion me? >_<;;
Tags: cashmere, yarn

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