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5 Weird Things About Me Meme... >_<;

Got tagged by ichi_san for this meme... Umm... yeah. Nothing to see here. Move along. :P

1. When eating fast food french fries (eg McDonald's), if I don't think about what I'm doing, I tend to individually ketchup each fry by running a line of ketchup along the fry. For some reason, it doesn't occur to me to dip the fries instead. ^^;

2. The longest thing I've ever written is a Ghost Hunt fan fic that is written in (very poor) Japanese. It clocks in at >150 pages. O_O;

3. When writing things (email or replies), I have a tendency to seriously overthink things and end up taking aeons to write simple comments (often after deleting lots of ramble). :P

4. In order to start taking piano lessons at school (I started off in group lessons), I had to get special permission because I was younger than usual (still in kindergarten which was 9 AM-12 PM) and had to go back to school for lessons in the afternoon after regular school ended.

5. In high school, because my own school's trip to France was only open to students in the bilingual program rather than all students taking French, I managed to get in on a friend's high school's trip since they had space available. My French teacher was impressed because I was the only student taking French to try going through a different school rather than my own.

Tagging 5 people but only if you're interested and willing (I'm pretty sure I didn't tag anyone already tagged; at least I hope not). ^^;

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