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Incoherent Jumble (FB123 stuffs)

Spent a fair amount of today reading through different reactions so things are pretty jumbled in the brain (this on top of the brain being fuzzy to begin with...) >_<;; Also spent a bit of time going through the previous chapters (esp. when Yuki woke up) and seeing how much he might overheard of the conversation.

If Yuki being downstairs is the only point he really overheard the conversation, I suspect he'd have heard enough to realise Kyo heard Kyoko say something about not forgiving him. While he might not have heard everything, I think, at the least, he probably heard enough to realise Kyo was there when Kyoko had her accident. I'd forgotten that Yuki heard the details about Kyoko's accident from Manabe as well since Komaki's father was involved in the accident. (That seems like so long ago now). ^^;

I really liked certain reactions in this chapter. It's hard to believe that Yuki's been running around taking care of things essentially from the moment he got up that morning. That's when Kyo and Tohru had their chat; Kyo then ran off after leaving Tohru crying and Yuki went running after him. Tohru then had her run-in with Akito and fell from the cliff (Yuki also runs into Shigure). After that, Akito runs off screaming for help and Yuki takes care of calling the ambulance and watching over Tohru and probably taking the paramedics to where Tohru was. After that, he, Shigure, Akito and Tohru went to the hospital; we don't know for sure where Kyo was but it sounds like he wasn't there. We also don't know whether it was Shigure or Yuki who phoned Tohru's family. Shigure then took Akito home to the main house while Yuki continued to stay at the hospital until nightfall when Honda Grandpa told him to go home for the night.

So by the time he got home, Yuki had truly had quite the day when he ran into Haru. I really love Haru's completely unrelated comments all the more therefore. He said it was also true he'd come to Shigure's to make sure Yuki was okay, and his comments about Rin very effectively derailed Yuki's thoughts off of where they'd been, in his own thoughts about Tohru and worrying about her, and essentially yanking him to other things. Haru's all the sweeter I think for it since it pulls Yuki out of his own funk. Haru's seeming imperturbability (or at least his seeming lack of reaction) and his completely unrelated commenting is so very what Yuki needs on occasion and definitely needed at that point.

Yuki's reaction to Kyo's lack of movement and his gloom and doom was IMO perfect. Despite having lived with Tohru for ~2 years, and being on scene when she's being taken to the hospital, Kyo *didn't* go!? I can see Yuki being pretty pissed about that, even more so since he knows how the two feel about one another. But, more important than that is, your roommate of 2 years just fell off a cliff and got hurt; you made up (hell you kissed her) and you didn't go to the hospital?? Kyo, what *were* you thinking? Kyo SO deserved that first whupping a la Yuki (think of it as a 'this is for Tohru' whupping).

Kyo's gloom and doom may well be very "Kyo" in reaction and his confessing readily to Yuki that he'd always wanted to be him was also very him. So emotional and yet open and it so shocked Yuki. It also made him (Yuki) very angry again because he'd always wanted to be like Kyo and, despite all his efforts, Kyo still beat him to the punch of actually saying it; indeed Kyo admitted it so easily. So the second beating was a 'this is for me' whupping a la Yuki. (Kyo beat him fair and square to the punch on saying how he felt without even trying). ^^; In a way, I think the fight probably effectively dealt with the pain Yuki'd felt that day when he'd picked up Kyo's hat and will essentially let him put all that behind him.

Kyo's lack of reaction to initially being beaten by Yuki I suspect is partly due to his own self-blame / pity over Tohru getting hurt. Also (I don't have the chapter by me so I can't check offhand but) if the image of hurt Tohru is the exact same as that nightmare he'd had, it would have been quite the shock for him. I don't see that as being an excuse to not going to the hospital though; I'd rather have seen zombie Kyo mindless following everyone to the hospital than his dithering in his room. :P

Kyo eventually blocking Yuki during the second fight was much more him coming a bit to his senses, but he wasn't there yet. And in that, I really liked Yuki's comments goading him into action. Yuki didn't tell him to go to the hospital, but he prompted Kyo to 'move' and 'do'. Kyo getting to the hospital and realising what happened though, will also get him to *think* rather than merely react. And that to me was the icing on the cake. Kyo's been living in react mode for so long, but now he should finally be getting back into 'think' and 'live' mode again.

Actually, if you look at it, Kyo reacts whenever Yuki calls him a stupid cat. Old habits die hard. *laughs*

One of my favourite reaction images in this chapter is the look of shock and remorse on Kyo's face when Yuki throws in his face that he had in fact managed to protect Tohru and her saying things like "I'm so happy" etc was proof of that. It's like he's finally opened his eyes and realised how much he'd been shutting himself down and shutting Tohru out. Yuki taking his frustration out on the poor door, I wonder how much of that was pure frustration over things and how much because he was on the verge of tears. He was crying a bit when yelling at Kyo about wanting to be like him and when telling Kyo that he'd protected Tohru. And there were definite tears when he was yelling about how there are some things that only Kyo can do. ...... I wonder if it's hit Yuki yet that he cried in front of Kyo? Heaven knows he left the room when he laughed so hard at the onsen during the first year Tohru was living with them. ^^;

Yuki's staying at the hospital for so long, to the point of Grandpa telling him to go home and the sky getting dark, is testament to how much he cares about Tohru. I personally don't see it as romantic love, but more innocent and very definite caring about her and her happiness. He's been aware for a long time how she and Kyo feel about one another (heck he fled the house that one chapter) and most likely he's aware that he can't get her to smile and especially blush like she does around Kyo. Yuki can make her blush, especially when he pulls a Prince Yuki on her, but it's not like her spontaneously blushing when she sees Kyo.

There's probably more I wanted to babble about but can't remember any more. ^^; 'Sides, I think I rambled a bit too long this time. ^^;
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