Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Ch 85!! ^_^

I'm not sure, but either someone's watching something with a really weird sountrack at an incredibly high volume, or someone's torturing a large animal in the neighborhood. (Okay, someone's trying to practise some sort of musical instrument.) It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so late here. >_<

In any case, I have to admit I was really surprised to see scans posted so soon for FB's Chapter 85!! Aaaahh!! Yuki's so cute!! Chibi-Yuki in mouse form... you just feel your heart go out to him and cry. He's so sweet. Being locked up as he'd been, having Akito wondering idly if he was dying... being constantly told he's useless, worthless and hated... And on top of all that, being abandoned by his family. T_T

And yet, he managed to live through all that, and he still continues to have hope. In the end, he is likely much stronger inside than Kyou. Kyou had Shishou to love and support him when his family abandoned him; he still got to know how it felt to be loved. ... but we'll leave that for now.

Then there's Tohru's mother!! Ahahaha! She's funny! I like how she reacts to the idea that her daughter may have been kidnapped. ^_^;; She's a funny woman!

But Yuki's really opening up to the other members of the student council. Manabe is very like Kyou. If the two of them hadn't had that sort of beginning, perhaps they could've ended up like this...??

In any case, it's late. I really should aim for more than 5 hours of sleep one of these days. Afterall, it's not like I'm in uni or anything. ^^;;

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