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I guess this is one time I can say yay for freezing cold weather. ^^; It was too cold to go out shopping tonight so I spent the night knitting away (obviously I didn't finish during the afternoon therefore), and I guess HagaRen and I don't get along when it comes to knitting. I was tinking back a lot of the time, losing track of row number and just plain doing things wrong. I couldn't count to 6 reliably! >_<;

But despite all that, I managed to finish off the shawl and while small, it's looking good. It really does seem more towards a child's size. ^^; Hopefully I'll be able to take a photo of it when it gets blocked. ^^;

I was thinking about casting on for MS3 (female sibling unit suggest an I-cord cast on??) but considering the insanity I just survived, I think I'll finish the first great afghan project if I do any knitting at all. The brain's a bit dazed from the knitting olympics. ^^; I'll cast on for MS3 when the Zephyr arrives (next week). I'll also have to go shopping for my gold medal later. ^___^

Now to get caught up in replies and real life. ^^;;
Tags: knitting olympics, mystery shawl

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