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My procrastination knows no bounds...

Quick pop in to post my procrastination photos from yesterday. (Me? Take photos rather than knit with the deadline looming? Never!) :P

This one shows clue 4 completed on the left side of the shawl (the last side to eventually be worked), while this shows what things look like after Clue 5 is worked (ie the shawl being completed and coming off the needles). Looks pretty sad doesn't it? ^^; I'm hoping it'll block well, and from what I've seen from tugging and playing, it should grow quite a bit. Today, I'm aiming to finish the bottom section of the shawl and get well and truly started going up on the left side. Hopefully I won't have to stay up until the truly wee hours Saturday night/Sunday morning to finish ^^;; More later. ^_^
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