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Quick Note

Just a quick note that yes, I'm still alive. ^^;;

Finally got around to making candies and the sour cream cupcakes from wombat1138 but haven't tasted them yet. Will have to wait until tomorrow. ^^; I was planning on making some mocha pots de creme but ran out of sugar and eggs! >_< Will have to wait until the next grocery run.

Knitting Olympics-wise, I'm finally on to Clue 5 (last clue)! Yay! It's going to take me forever! Boo! 0_0 Clue 5 is the final border around the two lower edges of the shawl (it's a triangular shawl). It's a 10 row pattern and joins 5 shawl stitches per pattern repeat. I think I figured I have 310 shawl stitches to be joined to the edging except for the middle and very end repeats which are at 2.5 shawl stitches per repeat. That makes... ~62 or 63 repeats? Somewhere around there. I'm currently in the middle of #3. ...... Eeeek!

Yarn-wise, I can see why some people were commenting that their shawl was too small while others were happy with the size they got. The szack I'm working with is probably around a cobweb weight or slightly lighter (1300 m/100 g) whereas the Knitpicks Shadow is ~440 yd/50 g. The Shadow will likely end up quite reasonably sized, but I think that with some agressive blocking, the Szack version *might* be okay. Either that, or it'll be good for a 6 yr old... ^^;; We'll see once it's off the needles. No photos of Clue 3 or 4 progress. I'm thinking of taking a photo of the MS2-Take 2 (Knitpicks Shadow version) for Clue 3, and at Clue 4... it looks like crumpled thread or a crumpled bag of thread because Clue 4 works on the lower edges of the shawl out (compared to the first three that work from the bottom point up) so probably no progress photo at all.

I will say this much about Clue 5 though; it's a pain keeping track of where I am since I'm working on the circulars plus an extra double pointed needle. I tried using a regular knitting needle at first but it's simply too long for the 25+ stitches used for the border. Unfortunately I can't use the row counter since it's currently tracking my mohair allergy project. :P

Mystery Shawl 3 started on Friday and the female sibling unit is currently working on it using Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud in Stream. I tried to start it on Friday when the clue came out but... >_< The female sibling unit was rather horrified seeing me struggling with an unruly porcupine threatening to take out an eye through my glasses. ^^; Apparently I was also working "inside out" or something. I'm hoping to try again later once I finish the olympic project though. And hopefully by then the Zephyr will have arrived so I won't have to touch the Handpainted Yarns. They arrived and they're absolutely gorgeous! My Gold medal should I finish my olympic project will be to have a bit of a splurge over there I think. ^___^

Otherwise, my next major knitting project to be started (compared to finished) will be the Spice Caravan Robe from Fiddlesticks (my first garment to boot). I'll have to figure out what yarn I want to use for it though. ^___^

Otherwise, I'm way behind on replies and such. Eep. Um, yeah; "quick" note. ^^;
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