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Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! ^___^

I was planning on making some choco candies for Valentine's, but when I went to get the material together... "Okay, I need 10 oz of nuts. I have... 100g. 10/16 of 454g is... umm... more than 100g". -_-;; For all we have nutcases in the house, we don't have any nuts. So instead I picked up everything I'll need to make flourless choco cake, the choco muffins wombat1138 mentioned as well as the wayward nuts for the candy when out at the food store today. ^^; It's looking like a fattening post Valentine's over here. ^^; (Ah, but it's chocolate. Better still, it's mostly Callebaut chocolate. Yum... chocolate......) *_*

And of course, after getting home, I noticed an interesting little recipe in the paper as well that I'm intrigued by. It calls for 2c of heavy cream though, so it'll take a bit longer to make... assuming I remember to save it from the recycle pile. ^^;

I got my yarn order from KnitPicks today and hopefully HandPainted will come in the next few days. I really like the Shadow lace weight yarn from Knit Picks. *_* It's a 100% merino wool and is soooo much nicer to work with than the Szack I'm currently struggling with; it's also a fair bit heavier. (I also grabbed the Alpaca Cloud which is really soft, but I'm a bit scared to try it out quite yet). As it is, I started doing the Mystery Shawl 2 using the Shadow yarn and am half-way through Clue 2 already. I'll still work with the Szack (I like the colour scheme) but suspect the Shadow will go quicker since it's easier to use. (Oh, and I got nothing done for the Knitting Olympics today. -_-; Not good. I did start planning what yarns I wanted to try getting next though). ^^;;

Yesterday was a strange day, I thought I was coming down with a cold; potentially a bad one. I was headachey, coughing, sneezing and sniffling without end and today... nada or nearly so. o_O Either the massive dose of vitamin C helped or it was a combination of allergies and weather related migraine?? Weird. (Weather related is very possible; I had the "out of it" brainlessness / no energy that is usually associated with shifting weather. ...which is different from my usual out of it brainlessness). ^^;

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!

Thank-you chibi_plum for the Valentine's e-card!
ginny_t: I will e-mail about teas. Honest! >_<;
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