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New socks!

Yay! I have a new pair of navy blue (plain) socks! Boo, they're still a hint short. The female sibling is thinking about picking up 3 balls of yarn next time she makes socks to make full knee highs for me. I was a bit worried that they were a little short in the foot at first but they seem to be stretching out nicely (I take 22.5cm/size 6-6.5 shoes usually). Me likes hand knit socks. ^___^

As for the Knitting Olympics... the team medic has decreed that I'm not to do any serious knitting during any free time in the day time and should instead work on anything but (sic the great afghan project since it requires no brain power and I can frog (unknit) it myself). This after multiple visits during the past two days requiring frogging including one row that was redone 3 times. >_<;; Despite all the frogging, clue two has been finished (with at least one error I'm sure...). The really sad thing is that it looks like I'm knitting underwear at the moment... ^^; Eek! Unfortunately I didn't try pinning the piece so it looks like crumpled lingerie more than anything. Hopefully it'll turn out well though. I'm also seriously hoping to finish clue 3 tomorrow. Shall see. (May be too ambitious. How many gods am I planning on praying to?!?) At least I finally figured out what's happening in clue 4 for all that I'm not entirely sure how the chart goes yet.

Clue 5 is now stumping me. I think that will be clearer once I actually go to do that part though. I'm not entirely clear on casting on new stitches to work on while still being attached to clue 4, but it's for the border, so... yeah. I'm really hoping it'll be clearer once I'm there. -_-;

I think I'll read up on binding off since I'll be doing that at the end of clue 3. Clue 4 starts with binding off and picking up stitches and looks to work along the edges of the triangle rather than along the top.

...Looking at the photo of clue 2, I'm wondering if I mightn't have photo'ed the purl side?? Whoops. I seem to like the purl side of things earlier on for some strange reason. Anyhow, off to do some reading. ^_^
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