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Knitting Olympics Day 1

Okay, so Day 1 isn't even over yet. I've been taking it really slow since this pattern is proving to be a royal pain in many ways. I'm not sure if it's the needles, the pattern or the yarn (couldn't be me! Nope!) but it's proving to be a bit sticky and icky. I've finished clue 1 now and am wondering if I should thread a life line through the piece. I was worried that it was way too small for... 36 rows of knitting, but looking at other people's completed work... I now know where this part is in the overall shawl and so hopefully it won't be too *big*. 0_0; I took some photos of the various projects I'm working on and ULed them to my gallery so if you're curious what I'm talking about, everything actually started is shown. ^^;

Most likely, I'll take photos of the shawl at the main cut-offs (ie at the end of each clue) so we'll see how things go. I've read and re-read the destructions for clue 4 and I still have no idea what it's saying. I can see what it's doing, but I don't understand how to do it. -_-;;

Anyhow, I should get back to knitting. I like the way the shawl's supposed to look in the end, and I'm reasonably happy with how things are going, I just wish that the yarn would move more smoothly on these needles. >_<; And of course, the one size the female sibling does NOT have in regular circulars is the 3.5mm. I'll have to see if she has any other 3.5 mm circulars.

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