Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

Little by oh so little...

Finally fixed the poor feedback form but now it's doing something else weird. If it's sent in anonymously, it gets a weird e-mail addy added to the "from" field. A bit strange. I can understand why it does that to a degree but not completely. Otherwise, I'll have to keep an eye on the amount of traffic the script gets and make sure no one tries exploiting it. I can't see it happening since it's all hard-coded into the script itself, but just in case... You never know what some people will try and do...

Otherwise, I still need to work on this script's icon list so I can add a "site update" icon. T_T I already have the icon, I just need to add it to the list. *grumble* Why do I procrastinate so much?? Ah well, a little at a time and things'll get done right? ... Try telling that to a text book procrastinator... ^_^;;

Hmm... I guess I should work on updating the translation chapter links again. Now where did I put that search and replace program...


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