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And so, Sunday came about and I got hit by a triple whammy (the female curse, weather induced migraine and allergies). -_-; I spent most of Sunday wandering around in a funk thinking "my pills... where are my pills..." and not finding them. Need I say it was a most unproductive day? Monday was a bit better in that the allergies went away and I resorted to taking Tylenols. ^^;

Tuesday though... after having stared woefully at some pretty mohair patterns *again* the female sibling unit suggested picking up a ball of Crystal Palace's Kid Merino yarn and seeing how I am with it. It's a fine 28/28/44 kid mohair/merino/nylon blend and... well, I'm not as bad as with the heavier mohair that she gave me to play with earlier, but I'm still mildly allergic to it. *hack* *cough* *itchy eyes* (no wheezing though) ^^;

But, the yarn is lots of fun to play with so... With the help of some antihistamines, I've decided to make the Corner to Corner Shawl (shortened?) in the Scarves and Shawls book. (Is this really sad or what??) The female sibling picked up some Phildar Recif for herself today along with the second (and last ;_; ) ball of Kid Merino and it's *neat*! When I saw the yarn, I thought she had two different colours (blue-purple and blue-grey) but it was just the way the balls got wound (it's a variegated yarn).

Is it me, or is tomorrow the start of the Olympics? I remember hearing something about lighting the tower at the same time as the flame is lit in Italy. I'm thinking about seeing how far I can get with the Mystery Shawl #2 in a personal knitting challenge (didn't join the Knitting Olympics). Shall see. I think the shawl starts off easily enough from the bottom point so clue #1 and 2 will likely be fairly easy. It's the rest. ^^; I'll be making it using Ami-Ami Yarns Szack in B-30 (purplish tones). The colours on their site are really not accurate to the yarns we got but the colour is still nice. We picked up some Szack and Fine Kasuri. The fine kasuri will likely be used by the female sibling unit for some tops. I swatched with the blue but didn't like the colour effects (too short on the variegations). I'm completely unswatched with the Szack and am hoping things will go all right using US size 5 needles but... shall see. I'm a little more inclined towards size 4, but I'm using them with the Kid Merino that I tried out yesterday. ^^;

And just a note to self (a bunch of patterns I'm interested in. Can we tell I'm on a major shawl kick at the moment??):

I hope the weather settles down a bit though; the shifts keep giving me a headache and makes me decidedly unproductive (and my joints are starting to ache. I haven't had joint aches for almost 10 years!) -_-; Oh, and Valentine's is coming up. If I'm able to wing it, I'm thinking about maybe making that candy recipe wombat1138 gave back at Christmas time. Either that or some simple choco cakes or similar. :P I haven't done Valentine's treats for a couple of years now so why not. ^^; (More poundage to lose later...) ;_; Anyhow, the house is a bit chilly so I think I'll work on the great afghan project. :P
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