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And a quick(?) note

...... (what a way to start a post; at a loss for words. -_-;; ) Got an e-mail the other day from April; before I had a chance to write to her. I have no idea why I've been so reluctant to write. Maybe since I haven't written for so long now? Still, I was good and wrote back write away this time so maybe this could be considered as keeping my New Year's resolution to write to her? I did write afterall. *sigh*

She wrote back today (she's apparently going to Japan with hubby for a short while this year and wanted to know where to go) so I'll have to write back again tomorrow. *gloom*

BUT. Enough of that.

Today's alkie experiment was an ice wine & brandy mixed drink. Interesting and not bad. However, I don't drink brandy normally (I've had the odd sip to taste when a recipe calls for using brandy) so I think I'd rather go with a late harvest wine or a true ice wine. I wonder if we have any more "test the waters" bottles left. They're... usually fun. (Remembers the lychee liqueur). ^^;

Mystery Shawl #3's group doesn't seem to be moving much yet. I wonder if lots of people haven't gotten their supplies yet to start swatching. I know I'm still waiting for my yarn. And since that's not moving, I'd been looking at the various yarn shops and free patterns on the web... my eyes are going to pop out one of these days. Some of the shawls on the 'net are absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could knit like that! Of course, I'm still in my first baby steps so I've a long ways to go. -_-; But, after a couple of days of just looking, I decided doing that wasn't getting my lack of knitting skills anywhere, so I picked up the needles again.

I've started the very beginnings of the great cashmere afghan project and hope it'll work out all right. (The Barkarole is wonderful to work with!) The problem with the project though, is that I don't understand the instructions very well at a certain point (that I'm rapidly approaching). I'm hoping female sibling will understand and be able to help. I think I'm supposed to fold my knitting in half and join the initial row with the current row together and then continue the rest of the pattern. At least that's how it sounds. I'm sort of wondering if I should have left that part out of the pattern since it's probably not really needed in an afghan compared to a shawl. Oh well. ^^;

But, if there's something good that came from all the swatching I'd done for the past while, I seem to be getting a little control over tension. Not great yet, but getting better. Of course, I might be deluding myself too. ^^; The other thing is, I'm slowly learning how to get the pattern row on the great afghan project done without making a pin cushion of my finger. This is good. It might also mean I'll be able to stop using a thimble eventually. ^^;

Otherwise, we finally got to see FMA the movie. It was interesting. It had good points, funny points, sweet points... all in all I think I liked it. I'll have to watch it again later though.
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