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So today, while doing some minor surfing, it suddenly occurred to me to check out Yahoo Groups knitting MLs and see if there weren't some I might be interested in signing up for. Afterall, misery does love company. :P And looking around, there are quite a number of MLs including some aimed more for the beginner. No problems; and yes I did sign up for a couple, when I ran into this group. >_<; Granted this project has apparently finished up, but there was also sign-up info for a new mystery shawl #3 to begin in February... and seeing as I'm a complete n00b at knitting, I showed the page to the female sibling unit and asked if she'd be interested. ^^;;

(BTW, she said she'll do it and I can try to follow along. :P The sign-up is to go under my yahoo account though as she doesn't have a Yahoo one). :P

From what I've read so far from the previous project, a few days before the project starts, a swatch pattern is released for people to check tension/gauge if they're particular (it seems like it uses lace weight yarn, and is run by Bo Peep's Woolshop) afterwhich, a clue is given weekly for working out the pattern over the course of 5 weeks. There is a modest sign-up fee ($3 USD), although the shop is supposed to offer a discount on their Jaggerspun laceweight yarn and a coupon for the price of the sign-up afterwards.

And now we're in limbo awaiting confirmation of our sign-up / order. According to the female sibling unit, local shops don't carry much in the way of lace weight stuffs, so... after we took care of sign-up I decided to put in an order with for their lace weight wool (I don't want to work with cotton since it's so unforgiving). I've never tried their stuff before but some of the colours were really interesting... ^^; And I also want to order stuff from BoPeep's as there's some interesting lace weight stuffs there too. And how many shawls was I planning on making?? The female sibling unit thinks that she might be able to grab something close to laceweight for me to try practicing on tomorrow. If not, she figures I can steal ~20m off of one of her sock yarn balls. ^^;; (I'm not sure that's entirely wise, although I'm pretty sure I saw a bag (10 balls) of single colour sock yarn hiding in her stash too).

And so, while I'm pretty sure the pattern will start out easily enough, things could get interesting with that on top of the great afghan project and the great cashmere afghan still in the wings. Oh, and did I mention I was thinking of trying out mystery shawl #2 to try to get a bit more up to speed? ^^; Ahh how I love multiple WIP (work in progress) syndrome. More... must have more WIPs... *___*
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