Shadow (kagedreams) wrote,

December already!?!

Eek! It's already December! I'm not ready for the Christmas season and the online insanity yet!! Heck, I'm not sure I can find myself right now but X-mas Season!?! I've got to get everything together and get boxes, and cards and... ... *poof* I think I want to crawl under a rock and let the storm blow over...

I suspect that my feedback form on the site probably isn't working right now. Little wonder since the host had to kill a bunch of stuff for space reasons. I'll have to put up a new form soon. Oh boy, so much to do, no brain to do it. Why can't I be better organised and get things done nicely?

To Rin who sent an e-mail: thanks for taking the time to write. ^_^ It's always nice to hear from folks. I'll admit, I'm terrible at writing back though so it's not really fair but I do appreciate the letters. ^_^;;

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